Friday’s Fantastic 5 {intro}

I have been racking my brain for months trying to figure out a meme we can do here at Moms of Faith on a weekly basis. I want a way we can interact, get to know each other, fellowship and connect other MOF blogs and readers in a fun way. So, Moms of Faith Friday’s Fantastic 5 is born! :D

How does it work?

Each week I will post a “top 5” topic. It can be things that make me go hmmm, funny moments, favorite foods, Mom stuff, kid stuff…basically anything that comes to my mind each week. LOL! :)

How can YOU participate?

Two ways.

1. If you do not have a blog, just scroll down and put your top 5 in a comment below. :)

2. If you DO have a blog of your own, create a post with YOUR top 5 of the week (feel free to grab our image), link it to Moms of Faith, and then share YOUR top 5 of the week here. You will have your link on MOF. All you need to do is put the link to YOUR TOP 5 POST in the Linky form below by clicking on the “You are next…Click here to enter” link. It should have: Fantastic 5 @ your name and then be linked to YOUR post.

I put the FIRST one in so you can see how it should look! :)

OK, on to THIS week’s Fantastic 5!

10/22/2010 MOF Friday’s Fantastic 5 of the Week:

Topic: Top 5 Moments

1. I was in Walmart the other day and was picking up a few things I needed. As I was walking down the isle I heard someone talking right into my ear. It startled me a little and I looked over my shoulder to see a woman on a TV screen talking about a product…It was a COMMERCIAL! I was shocked! I cannot even go shopping now without hearing, seeing or being bombarded by an ad. It was SO annoying! LOL!

2. We have been CONSISTENTLY seeing a WILD turkey every time we go on our family walks. We live in an urban area and that sort of wild life just does not live here. It is really kind of funny to see a turkey just strolling along in someone’s yard a few feet from where an elementary school is located. ROFL! With Thanksgiving coming that little guy better look ou!! YUM!

3. My husband’s job did not deposit a check this morning. They put ZERO dollars as his earning for the week! Now we have to wait until MONDAY to get a check! Talk about annoying!

4. I began the process of trying to gain perspective and overcome fear by sharing something very personal to my MOF readers.

5. Tommy Nelson partnered with MOF to bring FREE family devotionals and give-a-ways to Moms of Faith readers. I am VERY excited about that and thrilled I can now offer these things to all of you!

OK, YOUR turn!


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