Have you ever experienced a real miracle in your life?

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that this is NOT going to become a mean spirited type of discussion. We are all sisters in Christ and we should act accordingly. If ANYONE posts a mean come back or has the profound need to force others to believe what they believe to the point of arguing, their comments will be deleted and never again approved on this site. So play NICE!

OK…on to the discussion part…

Have you ever experienced a real miracle in your life?

I have. A few actually. However, I will share two with you. :)

  1. When I was 12 my ankle was broken in an accident. My Mother had the cast taken off too soon…against the doctors advice. We were getting ready to move far away from where we were and she did not want to have to deal with trying to find a way to get it off in new area. So, we got it off too early and I was in tremendous debilitating pain. I KNOW I would have wound up crippled today if not for Daddy God’s healing power! After a couple weeks of me limping and complaining of pain, my mother took me to this Christian woman’s home and the woman prayed in faith over my ankle. I felt a heat like nothing I ever experienced go through my ankle and felt instantly better. I was healed and have never had an issue with my ankle again. :)
  2. A few years ago, my husband was laid off from one of his jobs. He worked a full time and a part time job at the time and he lost the full time job. This was the majority of our money. Every door he knocked on remained closed for an entire YEAR! We lived off of less than half of what our bills were for an entire YEAR! How did we survive? Miracle after miracle after miracle. During that year our faith was stretched beyond belief. However, God found many creative ways to ensure our bills were paid and food was always on the table! I will never forget that year and what it taught me about His faithfulness and grace. I also learned that man REALLY does NOT live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of Daddy GOD!! <3

OK, those are my miracles…Now, please share yours…

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  1. Barbie on October 26, 2010 at 12:56 am

    YES! A few years ago I had fractured my wrist falling outside at work. I was attending a Friday night conference and our guest speaker prayed for my wrist. I was instantly healed!!!

  2. Helene on October 27, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    My little daughter and I, and two friends, absolutely experienced a miracle in 1997.

    My daughter, who was about 2 1/2, and I, my friend and her daughter, who was about five, maybe, were in a serious car accident in Austin, Texas – three cars, head-on, sliding across the median into oncoming freeway traffic going about 60 miles per hour. No fatalities.

    There is a lot more to this story, but from our vehicle, only my daughter and I spent one, yes, only one, night in the hospital. We learned firsthand what a trauma team is. The doctors asked for details about the accident, shook their heads, and said it was amazing we were alive. For someone who was already following Christ, I recognized God’s all-surpassing power. Yay for God!

    Long-term? My daughter – amazingly, considering her car seat tipped over – was and is AOK. Both us moms spent time in physical therapy. I always felt I basically walked away scot-free, and was oh-so-thankful for all of our lives. What a display of God’s power. I still am so thankful. I do have some lingering issues. My back grew more sensitive to a variety of things, though nothing ever showed up wrong on any medical imaging. (Maybe some of these back pain concerns would have happened anyway.) Still, I am thrilled God spared me from any greatly limiting issues.

    My knees apparently hit the dash, however, and I am way ahead of schedule for knee replacement, and will go back to my orthopedist on Friday for Synvisc injections in my knees, as I have developed arthritis, which was trauma induced from the wreck. The fluid and cartilage between my joints just isn’t there like it’s supposed to be, so I need a little pharmaceutical help with the cushioning. :-)

    Running, which I always enjoyed, now just hurts. (Some would say that should be the normal response, I know. :-) ) On days when I enjoy a great workout or take a great walk in the outdoor beauty that is Iowa, once I am fatigued, I often have to think, just a little bit, about walking normally.

    So, I didn’t walk away from the wreck scot-free, like I thought. My life is still a miracle. Since I learned about the arthritis in 2008, God has been doing and has done a work in me in terms of revisiting forgiveness of the person who caused the accident, which has required replaying it in my mind. We all make mistakes when we drive. We all make mistakes when we drive.

    As an aside, the work of forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but that part I wouldn’t label a miracle. With sincere respect I say, we do need to be careful about throwing around the world miracle – it’s not making all green lights, or being able to accomplish some specific goal. Miracles are a specific thing. Forgiveness is a specific work. Divine appointments (one form of coincidences orchestrated by God as I like to call them) are specific things. Although they are all jaw-dropping works of God, they aren’t miracles. Understand, I have over-used the miracle word in the past, so I have been there. Just a point of clarity I find important.

    So, you may ask why no miracle on the knees? Hey, I can walk!!! (just don’t add chewing bubblegum) Maybe it’s like the thorn in Paul’s side. It does keep me dependent upon Him. It keeps me asking for grace, for his strength. It does require me to reach out for help (and shelve my pride) and perhaps be a carrier of my story to those who medically care for me now. And truly, It does help me keep in perspective the 100 ways that accident could have turned out much differently, much worse.

    The situation is teaching me more self-discipline in what I eat, and in sticking to exercise even if the particular exercise I do now is not a routine I love. I’m learning to appreciate some different activities. I know people dealing with much bigger disappointments and health issues. God has His reasons and I am choosing to trust Him, even if it does hurt sometimes. And even if some days I break down and cry, I know He will never leave me. He sustains me. He saved my life, and is helping me to appreciate and enjoy it. What a great God!

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