Fun Activities For Kids To Do During The Winter Holiday School Break

In a little less than a month’s time, the kids will be out of school for winter break. What have you planned to keep them occupied for the two weeks out of school? There are many fun activities that may cost you a bit of money, but it will keep them happy and it’s a great way to enjoy family time together which counts the most.

Some Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family:

– Have a snowball fight
– Build a snow fort
– Make snow angels
– Sing Christmas carols
– Decorate the house – indoor and outdoors
– Wrap gifts together or make gifts
– Make homemade cards
– Drink hot chocolate, apple cider or your favorite beverage around the fireplace and share holiday stories
– String popcorn to decorate the tree
– Bake
– Walk in your neighborhood or visit places around your city to see the lights and decorations
– Go ice skating on a frozen lake or on an indoor rink
– Shovel snow
– Make a homemade bird feeder or buy a DIY
– Snowshoeing
– Skiing or snowboarding or take lessons
– Sledding in the park or mountain
– Look for events around your city – Lights Festival, Carol Ships, Christmas shows, plays or musicals or theater
– Make a “birthday cake” for Jesus
– Have breakfast with Santa

These are just few of the many activities you can do with your kids. There are also a lot of different craft projects you can help your children with, or they could do on their own with or without supervision.

You can make ornaments, table decorations etc. with Popsicle sticks, pine cones, coffee filters, empty toilet paper roll and so forth. Find whatever you have around the house that you don’t need anymore and be creative. Go and type in your favorite search engine for holiday craft ideas that are suitable for the age of your kids. You’ll find templates, print-outs and how-to instructions for what you’re looking for.

It’s only two weeks the kids are out for the winter holidays, but if you start planning now you’ll have some very happy kids and you’ll be a happy camper too.

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  1. kids party on November 21, 2010 at 4:16 am

    In Winter time we as a family tend to actually do alot of baking together. Things that can involve the little ones like cupcake making and similar things like that. They especially love decorating them afterwards. I guess we just arent an outdoors type family, but we just enjoy spending time in the house together when its chilly outside.

  2. Lauren on December 1, 2010 at 7:51 am

    My kids are out of the toddler phase so this idea isn’t too dangerous: I let them paint in our unfinished part of the basement. I get our the washable kids paint and let them go to town, they think this is the most fabulous treat!

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