Have a Donation Party to Celebrate the Season

Everyone loves a party! Whether you’re five or thirty-five, I think we can all agree that parties are fun! This season have a donation party! This is the season for giving and having a donation party with friends and family is a great way for you and your family to contribute in a meaningful way. What are you waiting for?

Try these easy steps to get your donation party started!

Who’s Invited?

First step is getting people involved. If you have a close knit neighborhood, talk to you neighbors about having a donation block party in the neighborhood or in a nearby park. You may want to have a party with a more intimate group of friends and family members. If you belong to the PTA talk to other moms and teachers about having the kids do this as a school project, which I think is a great idea!

Decide Who Gets the Donations

As a group decide on who you want to receive the donated items. The whole group should give their input, and don’t leave the kids out. This is really their project so make sure they are hands on from beginning to the end. The recipient could be a shelter, a church, a family, etc. Call the shelter in advance to let them know of your plans, and also ask them if your group could volunteer that day.

Pick a Date and Location

If you have neighborhood block party then most likely it will be outside, but make sure you have an alternative place in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. If it is a party with family and friends, it is usually the person with the most space. Do a quick poll of what day and time works for everyone, most likely it will be a weekend. Sending an Evite is an easy way to get invitations out quickly with dates, times, and locations.

Gather Your Goods

Pick an afternoon to go through your closet, basement, garage, and playroom. Remind those kids who have a hard time giving anything away that this is a good deed. Talk to them about how Jesus said to love thy neighbor and how this project is reflective of his word.

Potluck Time

A party isn’t a party without food! The great thing about this collective effort is that everyone can participate by bringing a dish and no one person is responsible for providing all the food. Have everyone bring a dish, or maybe you want to make it a dessert party, do whatever is easy and fun. Make sure you have the kids participate in preparing the dish this makes for great family bonding time.

Party Day is finally here! Take a moment to let everyone say what they are thankful for and let the fun begin. After the party take all the donations to the shelter and serve a meal to the residents. This is a great activity because it combines sharing time with loved ones and giving not only of your belongings but of your time, everything that the holiday season is about!

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