Homemade Holiday Greeting Cards – 4 Craft Supply Ideas

It’s that time of year again when the holidays are almost upon us. Instead of buying boxed greeting cards, have some fun with your kids and get creative by making your own holiday cards to give to family and friends.

You don’t have to go out and spend a lot, but there’s one thing you will need to have is heavier paper for the greeting cards. Many of the supplies can be found in and around your home.

Let’s get started with four holiday craft supply ideas.

1. One of my favorite crafts as a child was using colored tissue paper to make 2 dimensional cards. Once you have a template or drawing on your card you can start decorating it. Instead of coloring your cards, you can use tissue paper cut into 1″x1″ squares. Place the eraser tip of the pencil in the center of the square and wrap it around the pencil head. Put a dab of glue on the card or on the tissue and place it on the card. Carefully lift out the pencil.

2. Cotton balls make a great snowman, Santa’s beard or other effects like clouds, mountains and snow. With a bit of glue add some glitter to make it look like glistening snow.

3. It’s fun and easy for kids to use paint. By placing a child’s hand in some paint and then putting their hands down on paper can easily create reindeer antlers. Trace a child’s hand, cut it out and it can become part of a Christmas turkey. Make duplicate copies of a hand print can create a holiday wreath.

4. A 4″x6″ family photo is a cherished holiday card to receive. Glue it down to your card stock or make a decorative holiday frame. It can be decorated with dried flowers, leaves, or pine cone; beads, old buttons, paperclips, small uncooked pasta shapes, tissue, ribbons or whatever else you can find in your home that you no longer need are all fun items to use.

Making homemade holiday greeting cards with your kids can be extremely fun, but it can also get quite messy so be sure to lay newspaper down on your working area and have your kids wear old clothes or smocks.

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