The Gifts That Keep Giving

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Being a mother is the most precious gift that the Lord has ever blessed me with. My life has taken on a new purpose since my daughter arrived. As a godly parent we have an awesome responsibility to instill God’s principals in our home and to provide a spiritual foundation that will prepare our children for the spiritual warfare they will encounter in a world that doesn’t revere the teachings of Jesus. It is imperative we teach our children to follow the path that honors God.

There are gifts that parents can give their children along their journey to adulthood that will enable them to grow stronger in Christ.

A Healthy Prayer Life

Prayer is the cornerstone to building a spiritual foundation in children. At a young age children should learn to turn to the Lord for their every need. Teaching them to have a prayer life encourages them to develop a relationship that goes beyond family, friends, or marriage it is their relationship with our Father. They need to witness you in prayer on your hands and knees, before meals, in uncertainty, in good times and bad, always praying. If you set this example for them they will remember to rely on God and to cultivate a prayer life. Share your testimony with them on how your prayers have been answered, or may not have been answered because it was not God’s will. Very importantly, let them hear you praying for them. Every day before daycare, my three year old and I pray together. I never knew how much of an impact it was having on her until her teacher told me that she prays all the time in school. Children are never too young to pray!

Instill Christ- Like Character

In order for us to be role models we must first examine our own hearts, conduct, and relationship with God and others. Are we talking the talk without walking the walk? As a mom of a three year old daughter who replicates my every move, I quickly discovered that parenting was also a lesson in self examination and reflection. There are character builders and breakers. Character builders include; patience, kindness, honesty, courage, and forgiveness. Character breaks are the exact opposite; gossiping, quick to anger, being judgmental, and an unwillingness to forgive. Which characteristics are you encouraging through your example?

Show your children how a follower of God should behave and instill Christ-like behavior in them. For example, if you are caught gossiping, explain to your kids why this is un-Christ like behavior and make sure they see you correcting your mistake. If they sense you’re a hypocrite it is unlikely that they will take you seriously. The do as I say, but not as I do mantra is rarely effective.

Knowledge of the Scriptures

Scriptures provide us with instruction on how to live our lives according to God’s principals. Read and discuss the books of the Bible with your children on a daily basis and show them how it applies to their daily life. Schedule your own family bible study. The scriptures will provide them with the required knowledge they need to know and grow in Christ.


Children face a much more frightening world than we did. Help ease anxiety by teaching your child to having unshakable faith in God. Teach them to believe in the Lord’s will and allow him to handle their burdens. Wear your faith on your sleeve so that your children can witness your devotion and belief in God.

Gift of Gratefulness

Teach your child to be thankful for everything in life because it is a gift from God. Being grateful will help them to find peace in any circumstance they may find themselves in. Set an example, by always giving thanks for all that God has provided for you. Give your children a grateful calendar, and have them write three things they are grateful for daily.


Children need to develop a healthy sense of self esteem. Encouraging your child with positive reinforcement allows them to face obstacles and challenges with a sense of self confidence. Point out their positive attributes and don’t harp on the negative. Let them know that you believe in them and that your love is unconditional. Encouraging your children gives them a sense of self worth and self love so that they aren’t searching for it in the wrong places.

Children learn to develop their relationship with God and their spirituality, not only in the church, but at home. They identify with us and it is our duty to lead them down the path to Christ. Give the gifts that are priceless, but will be invaluable to them throughout their lifetime.

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  1. Becca on November 30, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Thank you so much for this little reminder about being a Christ centered mommy!! I have a 9 month old and I have found it so hard to set aside my daily devotion time lately. I know that it is my own selfishness because I can find time to so other things. Thank you for reminding me that my quiet time with God is not only for my own spiritual well being but also for my son’s. He needs to see and know that I am fully in love with God, my King. Thanks again!

  2. Chere on November 30, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Thanks Becca! I’m so glad you liked the article. It is hard to find that time, but I think if we find it while incoporating into our children’s life it does become easier. God bless!

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