Beware of The Holiday Scammers

The holiday season is here and the scammers are out in full force, ready to pounce on the vulnerable looking to earn some quick extra cash. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will constantly fall for the same scams each year.

Here are some quick tips on what to look for and what you should do so you don’t fall prey to these holiday scammers.

What You Should Look For:

1. Big dollar signs in a short amount of time for a not a lot of work means trouble.

2. There are a lot of drop shipping scams hovering around. It doesn’t matter what the product is computers or iPhones being sold on eBay…avoid these at all costs. Think about it. Why would someone need a middleman (you) to sell products when they can do it themselves?

3. Never allow someone to open a bank account in your name or open a joint account with you and the scammer.

4. Never allow shipment of products to your home to re-ship elsewhere.

5. Never accept a check for any amount of money for work you have not done.

What You Should Do:

1. Follow your gut instincts. They are there for a reason.

2. Do your research. Checking with the BBB doesn’t necessarily mean the company or person is legitimate. Ratings don’t really mean a lot as these can be paid for. After all, the BBB is running a business too and it makes its money somewhere, somehow.

3. Use social networking sites and ask around if they have had any experiences with XYZ Company. Ask for both positive and negative feedback.

4. Use Google to find complaints, to verify information, check the person’s name, address, town, phone number etc. Check to see if they are licensed in their state.

5. If you receive a check always investigate further. Check with your bank. Research the company and report it to your local authorities if necessary. Many times scammers will use a legitimate company’s name as a front so be sure to contact the company directly and inquire.

6. Be on the alert, scrutinize everything and be extra cautious around the upcoming holiday season as the stresses of financial hardship can blur your vision and mind. Find support from your family and friends, online working friends and networking sites.

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