Can you or Can’t you Work at Home?

Ah! The dream job of working at home in your pajamas jeans and t-shirt; there’s no life like it. There’s not much of a commute between your bedroom and home office. This is the life to live with no boss interrupting you on a daily basis or worse…peering over your shoulder. Yes! Working at home is fabulous!

While that is the dream life of many, not everyone is capable of, or even wants to live out their work life in that way. It takes a certain type of person to pull this off successfully and with a level of joy in the journey! Let’s look at what personality type has to do with it…

5 Personality Traits For Working Successfully At Home

1. Independent Thinker
This person can make decisions on their own, think of what to do next without anyone prompting them. They think outside the box and they can troubleshoot when problems arises.

2. Organized

An organized person accomplishes and makes the most of the time they have each day. They are good time managers who are able to prioritize, schedule and stick to their time frames for accomplishing tasks.

3. Disciplined and Self-Motivated
Working alone can be well…lonely and they have no one to push them when they don’t feeling like working. They will have to work through this or face unpleasant consequences. They have to be a go-getter, a do-er and be focused to complete all duties even the ones that are less than enjoyable.

4. Detail-Oriented
Without a boss checking their work, they have to be able to scrutinize their own work and be their own critic, but not to the point where it will hinder their performance each day. They thrive on being meticulous and follow up and follow through jobs.

5. Positive Attitude
A positive attitude can take a person to new heights. These people will always succeed in what they do because of their optimistic outlook and they draw other positive people to them.

On the flip side, there are certain personality traits people have that make them unsuccessful candidates to work from home. DO not be completely discouraged! LOL! Always remember, there are exceptions, and you can make the changes in yourself that can help make it happen for you! Remember, whether you possess some of these traits it doesn’t really necessarily mean you can’t work at home because there are many work at home opportunities.

5 Personality Traits That Will Have Trouble Working at Home

1. If you require hand-holding, you’re really going to have trouble working in solitude. You have to be able to work independently and solve your own problems with little or no assistance from anyone. You need to believe in your abilities and have self-confidence.

2. If you’re easily frustrated, have a short attention span and lack focus it’s going to be really hard to stay on track and stay motivated. Stop and breathe. Take your time to execute the job. Break your task into smaller jobs and work through each section until you’re done.

3. There’s nothing wrong with being a social butterfly, but it’s detrimental to your job if you can’t get anything else done. There is a time to socialize even when you work at home, but you have to schedule these breaks. When you’re working don’t pick up personal phone calls. You can screen all your calls through your voice mail. Use a timer when you visit Facebook or other networking sites.

4. A perfectionist gets very little done and it takes twice as long to complete tasks. It’s not productive or healthy. You are your own worse critic. Accept that good is good enough. You don’t get paid more to be perfect.

5. Clock watchers will only do what’s required of them and then check out. Some traditional work at home jobs require flexibility, maybe over-time work, working weekends or late nights. Avoid jobs that require working for someone else and instead start your own business or choose other flexible work options.

Be self-aware of your disadvantages so you can make adjustments and learn how to make working at home work doable for you. It is also very important that you seek God about it and pray for His Will, clarity and help in any and all decisions! <3

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  1. Liz Sacks on March 27, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    May I ask what kind of work from home opportunities there are? I’ve been wracking my brain for ways to stay at home with my children, and minimize he amount of time they need to be in someone else’s care. I fell (but have no personal experience, and so I don’t know) that working from home would allow me to be flexible. My husband works third shift, and I am a night owl, so I would love to work from home while my children sleep. Do you work from home? I’ve been searching and searching for answers to these questions. I’ve been praying nonstop for God to provide a way for me to homeschool my children. Thanks for the tips. :) I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Danielle Swager on August 17, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    This is pretty cool you posted this. I am a WAHM and everything you have mentioned is a daily check list for me. I think its going to get easier when my kiddos get bigger and starting to go to school. Thats my main draw back. I love my kids but its hard to work from home and have small ones.

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