Christmas Story for Kids

I am happy to share a FREE download with Moms of Faith readers and the best part is we will have FOUR more in 2011!

Read and Share Bible is designed with kids in mind. They feature timeless stories from the Bible and put them in a format that is fun for kids. The stories are well written and include what children should know. Their are also adorable illustrations and question that Mom and Dad can ask when they are reading the stories. I love that part. Engaging our kids in conversation and getting them to comprehend what they are reading/hearing is vital to them retaining what they learn.

Our first FREE download is the Christmas Story.What better way to share the birth of Jesus with your little ones than in a format they can understand and enjoy?

This is NO LONGER available for instant download. However, (for a LIMITED TIME) if you would like to have this, email us and we will send you a copy.

MORE FREE downloads coming soon!

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