Go On a Spiritual Retreat in Your Own Home

Anya stays every other weekend over her dad’s house. So, I try to maximize my me time and so should you! With the Christmas season coming up, this is a great time to reflect upon your blessings and to spiritually recharge. If your kids are gone for a weekend, why not have your own, ‘Spiritual Retreat.’

Here is a sample Spiritual Retreat weekend, but make up a schedule that works for you.

Friday Night- Kick off your shoes and get comfortable after a long work week. Either order dinner in or cook something healthy like salmon, couscous, and asparagus. After dinner take a long warm bath and listen to one of the many wonderful sermons that are online. I love Charles Stanley, he has an archive of great broadcasts. After your bath wrap up in a comfy robe and spend some time with God, praying. Afterward read some scriptures and write in a journal anything that you are feeling. Get a good night sleep with no tv and just you falling asleep mediating on our Father.

Saturday- Wake up and set time aside for prayer, scripture study, writing in your journal, and of course coffee. You may choose to write about your concerns, or what you’re thankful for, or how you want to grow spiritually. Weather permitting, take a long walk and think about God’s word. In the evening repeat Friday’s activities. You may want to develop a prayer list and pray for those in need. If you are dying to watch tv find a spiritual documentary or movie, try Netflix and watch them instantly. Better yet, visit the spiritual section in your bookstore and pick up a great read for the weekend.

Sunday- Repeat your Saturday morning routine and attend Church. Afterward take time to fellowship. When you come home think about your spiritual goals for yourself, your family, your home, and the upcoming year and record them in your journal. Relax, listen to some gospel music, read some enriching spiritual literature and get immersed in God.

The point of this spiritual retreat is to stop all the busy work and spend time with God, give him your undivided attention. Talk to him throughout the day, meditate on scriptures, pray for guidance, and be fully attentive to his word. Take this opportunity to engage with God!

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