Post Christmas Fun!

In a blink of an eye December 25th has come and gone. I can’t believe we celebrated another Christmas! I thoroughly enjoyed the season and every day leading up to the big day! And I’m not ready to pack away the decorations just yet. Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the celebration! I say party on! Why not continue to enjoy the season and enjoy every single day of Christmas vacation?

Here are some after Christmas activities to share with your whole family.

Make Candy Houses

My daughter and I were invited to a candy house making party. It was so much fun that I incorporated it into my Christmas day traditions! All you need is a piece of small cardboard to build the house with graham crackers, simply put the crackers in the shape of a box and a triangle on top and stick them together with thick icing. Once it is dry put a bunch of colored icing and candy such as peppermints, licorice sticks, gummy bears, skittles, m&m’s, ribbon candy and anything else you think of on a table and decorate your house! I was amazed at how creative everyone’s house was!

Christmas Movie Night

I must admit I’m not ready to stop watching Christmas movies! Have everyone choose at least one of their favorite holiday movies and make a whole day of watching movies and snuggling up on the couch with hot chocolate and cookies.

Family Game Night

This is a great night to invite extended family and friends over for game night. Make it simple order a couple of pizzas, pull out those left over Christmas cookies and let the fun begin. Game night is fun for everyone and is family bonding at its finest.

Take One More Drive to See the Lights

You probably have already drove around to look at the Christmas lights, but why not catch them one last time before everyone starts taking them done. Get the kids in the jammies, bring some hot chocolate, pop in some Christmas tunes and savor the last days of seeing those beautiful lights in your neighborhood.


The end of the year is a time for reflection. A great way to reflect upon the past year with your family is to scrapbook the year’s events. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can simply get a photo album and have everyone choose pictures to put in that represents what your family did that year. On one page of the album you can put the photos and on the other side place a piece of stationary paper in it and ask everyone to write their favorite memories of that time.

Catch Up With Friends and Family

It is almost impossible to visit everyone between Christmas Eve and Christmas day and it can be down right exhausting! For those family and friends you didn’t see the week before Christmas and New Years is a perfect time to catch up! Call that aunt you haven’t seen in ages, visit your friends, or write a letter to a pal that lives far away. Spend quality time with those family and friends that you miss over Christmas day.

The most important thing to do this season is free; just spend time with your family. Whether it is going ice skating for the afternoon or assembling toys for the little one spend quality time with your family. Lounge in your pajamas all day and snuggle up and treasure the moment. Don’t forget to continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus and talk to your kids about God’s great blessing to us, his son. Have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

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