Movie Title: Tangled
Rating: PG
Director: Byron Howard and Nathan Greno
Starring: Voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy
Category: Animation, Family, Comedy

Moms of Faith Rating: 8 out of 10

Intro: Tangled is a modern day Rapunzel story for the little girl in all of us.

Review: I am the Mother of a girly girl who loves all things princess. So, when I saw the trailer for Tangled, I knew it was a must see. Once my little one saw the commercials for it, well, let’s just say, it was a done deal. ;)

I took my little princess on a Mommy/daughter date to see this modern day Rapunzel story in 3D, and it was well worth it! I did not know what to expect…especially with the Disney name behind the film. However, I went in with an open mind and the little girl inside next to me, was thrilled!

As with every princess story, there must be a “knight in shining armor”. Well, there is definitely a love interest…knight, hmm…nope. Shining armor? LOL! No way! However, the handsome Flynn Rider is a delightful character that brings much humor and intrigue to this film. Flynn is a wannabe good boy turned bad boy, and Rapunzel is just what he needed to get set straight!

I am thoroughly in love with two “side characters” in the movie; Maximus (the horse) LOL! Too funny! And, an ADORABLE chameleon named Pascal! You are sure to love them too! I made sure that the picture I used for this review had both of them in it! LOL!

As you know, I do not like to give too much away in my reviews, so I will only say that the movie has it all, humor, love story, turmoil, bravery, loyalty, evil v/s good, love, and it will keep the interest of most of the little people in our lives, I am certain!

On the negative side: Sadly, yes, there are several things to be concerned about as with most of the movies of today! A few that stood out for me are…

There is an element of “magic” in the film, yet, it is done very subtly and even almost missed if you are not paying attention. Without spoiling the film for you, I will simply tell you this: Rapunzel’s hair has special “powers” that come to life when she sings; “Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine/Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine/Heal what has been hurt, change the Fates’ design/Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine.” Now, for me, that has the smell of an incantation. Why? Because she must sing the song (words) to make her hair DO something. That, in my opinion is a spell. However, I am still on the fence with it, and because of this, I may not own the film. It is a personal preference based on what I believe God’s Word says, and it is between me and God. I would simply encourage you to thoughtfully pray and make sure you take the time to have discussions with your kiddos!

There is also some or the normal Disney princess movie violence, crude humor, evil mad woman, and even some cleavage shown on Mother Gothel.

One other thing that I never like in most kid’s movies is the fact that rebellion is never punished. While I understand in the end it turned out good…rebellion never has a real consequence in movies like this. In the end the one that rebels still gets what they want with no major harm to them, or even a discussion so a lesson is learned for the young viewer. However, I am the type of Mom that gives the lesson and lecture discussion. LOL! All kidding aside though, it would be nice to see lessons learned for rebellion and disobeying parents in movies that are geared towards children.

Conclusion: I liked the movie. It was cute, funny, lots of great hair and not as predictable as I went in thinking. However, the flaws are there and should not be ignored.

I would love to know your thoughts on Tangled below…

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  1. b on December 23, 2010 at 10:52 am

    thanks for the insight – it seems that it is impossible to find a good “princess” movie without magic in it! frustrating! can you recommend a GOOD girly movie? (for 3 and 5 yr old girls…)

  2. Kelli on May 3, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    My family – male and female alike LOVED Tangled! I too am always trying to avoid kids movies with magic, and am on the fence about this one. I thought the vikings were hysterical, but I didn’t like that a scene took place in a “pub”. It was pretty toned down, but I still didn’t like it. I think the expressions on the faces of ALL the characters are what made it really funny!

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