New Year Resolution Musts!

I hope everyone welcomed 2011 with open arms surrounded by family and friends and most of all a prayer for the New Year! Every year resolutions are pondered upon and we write down goals for the upcoming year that we hope to follow with great discipline and endurance. I’ve written about family resolutions that I believe all family can benefit from.

This year I want to suggest some resolutions that I think all moms should make.

Schedule Time for Prayer and Bible Study

Spiritual goals are a must for every woman. Our spiritual life and intimate relationship with God keeps us centered and strong for both ourselves and our family. Whether it is fifteen minutes or a half an hour a day, make it a goal to get your time in with God. Find ways to incorporate God into your daily routine. Wake up a few minutes earlier to prayer or read the bible, schedule a Bible study with friends, or listen to a sermon while running errands. Make sure your new year involves strengthening your relationship with God.

Nurture Your Body

Ladies, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, take time to take care of you. You don’t have to make a goal of losing 25 pounds, but make a goal to be the healthiest you possible. Take your vitamins, get your exercise in, eat nutritious food, relax in a hot bath once a week, get eight hours of sleep, get a mammogram, and keep your doctor appointments. Being a mom is a tough job and you need to be in tip top shape so you can be your best for yourself and your family!

Take a Time Out

Time outs are just for kids! I am a firm believer that everyone needs a moment. Life can be hectic and sometimes a quick escape is just what you need. Make sure you schedule “me time.” Enjoy a quiet ride, go to a coffee shop with a book, schedule a girl’s night away, or simply take a walk. Taking a mental break isn’t only beneficial to you, but your family also.

Learn Something New

I love taking my daughter to ballet and watching her twirl. Her enjoyment actually motivates me to try something new. I think we should continue to grow, to learn, and to be open to new experiences in our life. Now, I know money can be tight and lessons aren’t cheap, but they are activities that really don’t cost much at all. Take a moment to think about what you loved doing as a child or wanted to do, did you ever pursue it? If you haven’t try it this year. Take that writing course, take swimming lessons, learn to roller blade, there are so many things to try! Your family will love your adventurous spirit!

Don’t Worry So Much

As women and mothers we have a tendency to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Well drop the weight this year, hand the burden over to God. Worrying has never changed a situation only action and prayer does. So this year try to remember that worrying will only cause more unnecessary stress that our bodies aren’t meant to handle. Give your worries over to God and trust Him to work it out.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination has never been a friend to anyone. If you are a procrastinator make it a resolution to stop procrastinating and start moving. Don’t allow procrastination to stop you from pursuing and bringing your goals to fruition.

The New Year is always an exciting time. Remember that resolutions have no start date or end date and that every day you have breath in your body is an opportunity to strive to better yourself, start over, or try something new. Have a blessed and wonderful 2011!

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