Tips for Moms to Keep our Kids Cold Free

While colds can be caught ANY time of year, this time of year is prime for our kids to catch colds. It is never too early to teach our children to be sanitary and how to avoid getting sickness and germs. We hope these tips help you keep your little ones…AND…Dr. Mom herself from catching any nasty bugs this cold season!

20 Cold Prevention Tips for Moms

1. Wash Hands Frequently. Moms need to teach our kids to wash their hands with soap and water regularly. They should wash them after they use the bathroom, before they eat, when they are around sick people, etc. Explain to them what the cleaning does and how it keeps those mean little germs that make them miserable.

2. Keep Sanitizer on Hand. While washing your hands with soap and water is the best, sanitizer is certainly a good substitute when you are away from a sink. I give my little one a pocket sanitizer to keep with her. It not only makes her feel like a “big girl,” she is learning to use it when needed to avoid sickness. She knows to use it when she is around other sick kids.

3. Flue Shot. This will not prevent all illnesses. However, it will keep the flue bug at bay.

4. Avoid Sick People. Unfortunately, for kids this can be hard. Many parents will send their kids to church, school or daycare sick. They do not care that their kids are getting other kids sick. So, you will not always be able to avoid this. However, when possible keep away from sick people!

5. Airborne. I love this product! When you know you are going to be in contact with illness or one of your family members have already gotten sick, this is a GREAT way to prevent more sickness, or at the very least keep it from getting as bad. They have it for adults and kids. (

6. Teach your Kids to use a Tissue. Coughing and sneezing into their hands is NOT a good thing. They are putting the germs there and everywhere they touch. Teach them to use a tissue.

7. Keep Hands away From Face. This can be tricky. Mostly for the littler ones. However, try and teach your little ones to keep their hands away from nose and mouth…ESPECIALLY when around sick people.

8. Drink Lots of Water. Water is the best drink. Moms must teach our children young to appreciate it and get used to drinking it. My kids rarely drink soda or other beverages. I only allow 6oz of juice a day, a couple cups of milk, and water takes up the rest. The reason I do not give a lot of juices is because it can cause obesity. FRESH fruit is better.

9. Eat Fresh Veggies and Fruit. There are tons of antioxidants and germ fighting nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables. Train your child to eat them and they will learn to love them. Children learn what they are taught. If you give your child junk, they will crave junk. If you give them fruits and veggies, they will learn to love them and eat healthy as adults.

10. Yogurt. Eat more yogurt. There are good bacterias in yogurt that research has shown to help reduce your chances of getting a cold by 25% !

11. Exercise. Kids…and adults need exercise. It is good for your body and keeps you healthy. Exercise makes your body strong and able to fight illness.

12. Get proper sleep. Kids need sleep. 8 hours. Teenager need 10 hours. Adults need 7-8 hours. Get proper sleep Moms and make sure your kids are too!

13. Stay Warm and Dry. Well, this is pretty obvious. LOL. Do not let your kids get we and cold! Make them dress warm for the cold weather.

14. Do not share Cell Phones. This is more for adults and older children. Teach them to avoid sharing their cell phone when sickness is around.

15. Do not Share Make Up, Drinks, etc…Again, this is for the older ones. No sharing lip gloss, powders, etc. This should be an always rule. There are many things that can be caught from sharing these types of things. Teach them NOT to share things that they consume or touch any part of the face.

16. Sanitize Surroundings. This is mostly for Mom. When sickness does come in the house, clean frequently. Wash the sheets, pillows and clothes. Spay some antibacterial spray, sanitize frequently. This will help it from spreading to the rest of the family members.

17. No Smoking and Drinking. Hopefully, our little ones do not do this! However, if Mom gets sick…well. Plus it is unhealthy. Also, if you do smoke in front of your kids, you are not helping them. They are more likely to get sickness and become smokers themselves!

18. Take Vitamins. No one get ALL they need from food…well, at least no one I have ever known! Find a good quality vitamin and take it on a regular basis. DO the same for your kids. Make sure they have antioxidants, vitamin C, E and Selenium. These are all great in boosting the immune system.

19. Avoid Stress. Stress is not good for your immune system. Find ways to avoid stress for yourself and kids. Yes, kids feel our stress and any tension in the home. Do yourself and your children a favor and learn stress prevention.

20. Get some Fresh Air. Fresh air makes you feel good and it is good for you! Plus, if there is sickness in the house, getting away from the germs is a GOOD thing!

These tips are sure to help you avoid illness or at the very least help keep it from becoming a nightmare! It is our job as Moms to train our children. We need to teach them many things…including how to keep germs away and take care of themselves!

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