Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling!

Families and friends love to gather in the kitchen for good conversation and food. The kitchen is in constant need of attention. If food is overflowing from the cabinets or the junk drawer is junkier than you can handle here are some simple ways to bring order and cleanliness to your kitchen.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas:

  • Drawer Organizers- Are you tired of rummaging around for your cutlery? Put a drawer organizer in to hold all of your silverware. Draw organizers also work great for the junk drawer. You can have miscellaneous items in a drawer, but they don’t have to be unorganized.
  • Containers- Use containers for opened boxes of pasta, cereal, beans, rice, flour, and sugar to save space in your cabinets.
  • Pot Racks- If you lack cabinet space, racks provide a great alternative for spare storage for your pots.
  • Storage for Under the Sink- The space under the sink is always neglected. Purchase some inexpensive bins to store dish soap, sponges, scrubbing pads and cleaning products.
  • Food Cabinets and Pantries- These areas tend to get messy. Try this four step approach.
  1. Empty the Cabinets- Take everything out of the cabinets, wipe each shelf with a damp cloth or use a dust buster to vacuum any crumbs left behind.
  2. Discard- Discard any canned goods whose expiration dates have passed. If you have multiple boxes open such as pasta put them in canisters and discard the boxes.
  3. Categorize- Separate your food by category. You may find categorize the most used items together works best for you.
  4. Arrange- Designate a specific place for your cans, boxed foods, breads, and condiments, along with items such as wax paper, sandwich bags in your cabinet or pantry.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Wash dishes daily. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink until the next morning, this only creates more work. Make it a household rule if you use a dish, you wash it. Save time, energy, and water by using the dishwasher, instead of hand washing your dishes.
  • Always clean the sink. Use baking soda to clean the sink and shine it up with Windex. A sparkling sink will motivate you to clean the rest of the kitchen.
  • Clean your refrigerator once a month from the inside out and top to bottom.
  • Clean your oven once every other month unless you have a self cleaning oven. Clean grime from burners and knobs on a weekly basis.
  • Every two months clean your cabinets.
  • Scrub your floor once a week or once every other week. The Swifter is a great alternative to getting on your hands and knees or using messy mops.

The secret to keeping a clean kitchen is maintenance. Try maintaining it throughout the week and do big jobs at least once a month and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Afterward, grab a seat in your sparkly kitchen and kick back with a cup of coffee and relax.

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