Not Just Another Birthday Party!!!

In case I haven’t told you, I am the mom of four children ranging in ages from 6 to 21.  Not only that, I live in a small rural community in West Virginia.  Suffice it to say, the Hott calendar is filled with many birthday parties on the weekends.  Sometimes, there are multiple friend’s birthdays at the same time.  Then, add to that piano recitals and gymnastics; ours is a busy household as I am sure yours is as well!

We are just completing a round of celebrating birthdays for three of our children.  The “birthday season” snuck up on me this year!  Can you believe it?!  I don’t know how that could have happened; because, after all, the dates haven’t changed!  And believe me, I absolutely love to go to birthday parties and more than that… I LOVEto host them for my kids! Here at the Hott House, we find any reason we can for a celebration, even daily sunsets!  So for birthdays, the Hott’s have hosted all kinds; from special guests like Barbie, Spider Man, and Hannah Montana to Narnia, Percy Jackson, and jump rope, Legos, and Sonic!

Nearly a month ago, I was on the phone with Aunt Tammy (in Philly) and we were chatting about the birthday season.  I guess you could say we were a couple of moms just gabbing about our kids growing up and all the fun over the years.  For Violet, turning 11, she wanted to go to Whitetail Resort and take all her friends tubing this year (but it is WAY too expensive!).  Violet also mentioned that she heard about the time Aunt Tammy took us all to the hair salon at J.C. Penny’s for her cousin, Crystal’s, 5thbirthday.  Now, I must tell you all, that since then (which was MANY years ago) Aunt Tammy has become a hair stylist.  So….  Miss Violet adds, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Aunt Tammy came and did fancy “doo’s” for my friends at my birthday party this year?”

I didn’t even have to ask and Aunt Tammy said “Let’s do it!”  Violet and five other 11 years olds were so excited!  We were ready for a “par-tay!” Aunt Tammy transformed our basement into Madame LaFleur’s Hair Salon with make-up artist, “Ginger Snap” (my 22 year old niece, Ashley), manicurist “Coconut-Caity” (my 21 year old daughter), and Emcee “Betty Bop Lolli-pop” (my now 20 year old nice, Crystal).

The excitement mounted as the day quickly passed with girls getting up-doo’s, nails, and make-up done in our make-shift salon.  Who knew the basement could also hold a fashion runway complete with red carpet and sparkling stage (the wonders of aluminum foil!).  Some of my favorite comments were:  “Wow!  We’re gonna look 15!” (insert squeal!)  “I look so grown-up!” (insert more squeals and giggles!)  “This is the first time I ever played with real make-up!” (insert even more squeals, giggles, and maybe some fainting!)  Then, we let the 11 year olds play “dress-up” in big sister’s old prom gowns and Zeta formals.  More ensembles were added by “Kool Kousin Kendall” and we were ready for a Birthday Party Fashion Show!  My house has never seen so much excitement, and noise!

So just tell me this:

When did they grow up?????

Wasn’t it just yesterday I held my “sweet Violet” for the first time in the middle of an ice storm?  With her bushel top of dark curly hair and frosted tips, she was nestled in her hospital blanket with those “angel wing” lips.  Now, light blond, freckled like her mom, nearly taller than I, and sky blue eyes, Violet-turned-11!

And her friends?  I have watched these little girls grow up from toddlers to preteens.  Katey, Stephanie, Jillian, Katherine, and Tori.  The thought crossed my mind while I watched each of you walk down the red carpet:  “If only  your moms, AND dads, could see you now!”


Not just to a birthday party (and it was a sleepover!), but to share precious memories in our hearts as we watch our “babies” grow into beautiful young ladies right before our eyes.  You see, my first is already 21; so, I know that these next 10 years are going to fly by (as did the last).  Soooo many changes, I can’t begin to tell you.

So, for now, let’s just freeze them where they are, okay?  How about playing another round of Let’s Dance on the Wii?  Let’s go out to the mall or a movie, just for fun, or maybe just one more tube race down the snowy hill, even though you’re cold and tired.  Hug them a little tighter tonight when you tuck them in, because you know, they will only be

So, to all those moms and dads, “Thank You”!  Thanks for allowing us to borrow your precious little girls for a day to play dress up, maybe for one last time.  Each and every one, a dear gift from our Heavenly Father, is a princess.  Before you know it, they’ll be 21 like Caity!

(Oh no… let’s not think about that!)

“Train up a child in the way (s)he should go: and when (s)he is old, (s)he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

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  1. Nikki on March 16, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Hey Angie,
    Another great column. I loved the pictures on facebook of the girls. Looks like a great time.
    You words are such a gift and so inspiring. Just to give you a little encouragement. Korinne just had her 18 Birthday and wanted to dress up as well. So they had a “mock”tail party at Lot 12. (that was her daddy’s idea) Her and her freinds got all dressed up and has I watched them I couldn’t help remembering all the previous birthday parties, with many of the same freinds. We joked at how different this one was compared to her 5th birthday, Mermaid party. LOL They do grow so fast, I agree we all need to enjoy them everyday for they are only that old for a little while. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

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