Swimsuit Tips That Flatter Your Body Type

I can feel it and almost taste it…the warmth of summer and a cold iced tea cooling me down. The breeze from the ocean is softly kissing on my face as I sit on the beach feeling my body soak up the warmth.

Gone are the days when you can only wear a tank top and shorts to the beach.

Flattering Swimsuits Tips for all Body Types

Large Midsection – Avoid one piece swimsuits that emphasize the midsection. These often come with a sash, belt or any other decorations in this area. Avoid horizontal stripes of any width.

Large Rear End – Bring attention to the top of your body and have a dark color on the bottom half. A tankini would work well as you can buy mix ‘n match top and bottom pieces. Skip the boy shorts and short skirted bottoms as they emphasize this area. Also avoid anything like big details or heavy trims.

Large Bust – Like finding the proper bra fit, it’s important to find the same support when you’re looking for a bikini top. Avoid the triangle bikini tops as the offer the least support and avoid skinny straps. Choose a halter top or V-neckline as these are the most flattering.

Small Bust – It’s difficult to feel feminine when you have a small bust and a boyish figure. It’s even more difficult when you can be mistaken from a far as a pre-teen girl. Avoid tankini necklines that are straight across. These tops flatten your chest area even more. Look for slightly padded cups with or without an under wire and bikini tops with frills or ruffles will certainly pump up the smaller chest area.

Oh snap! It’s still winter, but at least when the time comes to shop for a new swimsuit I’m armed and ready to flatter YOUR body type!

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