What an AWESOME Daddy God I have! :)

You may have read my recent whiny post about the financial blow we were recently hit with. Well, I wanted to give y’all a praise report!

It started with a couple people taking me up on some great ad offers I sent them and then God did me one better when out of the blue a site that I have been trying to sell, got a major bite! I have had a ton or queries mind you, however, this person amde an offer and is ready to pay!

So, with the money from the ads and the sale of a website, we will have enough to get computer fixed…and the car. PLUS, have a small cushion for a future emergency!

THANK YOU to ALL who prayed for me and this situation! I knew bringing it to my sisters would move the mountain! <3


In closing, please continue to pray that it all goes through today. The buyer is supposed to send payment today. Pray it all works out and quickly. Pray that my Bible Study participants give me a little more grace, part delivery is expedited very fast when ordered, and the computer gets fixed properly!

THANK YOU again!


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