Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

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Kitchen spring cleaning can be an overwhelming job. Basics like cleaning the oven are pretty simple. However, when you add washing out the cabinets and vacuuming behind the refrigerator it can be an all day job. This handy checklist will help you get started. The tips will help you take care of the job in less than two hours.

Quick Reference Kitchen Cleaning “to do” List:

  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Dust tops of cabinets if they don’t reach the ceiling
  • Dust corners of walls
  • Dust top of refrigerator
  • Launder curtains or dust window treatments
  • Dust any knick knacks, counter top appliances and pictures on display
  • Wash walls and switch plates with mild detergent
  • Wash cabinet fronts
  • Clean oven. If using a self cleaning oven, spray and set.
  • Vacuum behind the appliances
  • Vacuum the area rugs or toss in washing machine
  • Mop floors
  • Wash windows and appliance fronts
  • Scour the top of the oven/stovetop
  • Clean the inside of your refrigerator (Toss any old food. Remove one shelf/drawer at a time and wash down with mild detergent)
  • Clean inside small appliances ex, toaster and microwave
  • Wipe down shelves and inside the cabinets
  • Drawer by drawer, remove items and wipe down. Replace items and organize as you go
  • Wash the counter tops, sink and faucets
  • Clean out and organize your pantry. Wipe down shelves as you go. Label to keep items organized and easily identified.

When spring cleaning your kitchen, you will want to pay special attention to your appliances. Properly cleaned and maintained appliances last longer. This saves you time, energy and money – buying new appliances can be a hassle. However, cleaning your appliances is likely to consume most of your spring cleaning time. This is particularly true for the bigger appliances like your refrigerator and your oven. A few simple steps and tips can make the job easier.

Easy Appliance Cleaning Steps

1. Instructions. Before you clean any appliance, find the instructions. If you don’t know where the instructions are, you can get them online. Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the instructions. Read them carefully. Most appliances have cleaning instructions. They’ll tell you what steps to take, or not to take. They’ll let you know what cleaning products are safe and how often you should clean the item.

2. Organize your cleaners. Once you know how to clean your appliance, organize your cleaners. For example, if you’re cleaning your refrigerator you’ll need: a vacuum, interior cleaner for the shelving and drawers. You’ll also want a surface cleaner to clean the outside of your refrigerator. Gathering your supplies in advance saves you time once you’re cleaning.

3. Plan around it. With many appliances you’ll need to let the cleaners set before you can return to the job. Oven cleaning is a classic example. If you have a self cleaning oven then it generally takes one to two hours.

If you’re defrosting the freezer that can take a few hours too. Use this time to your advantage. Plan for it. While your freezer is defrosting you can focus on cleaning the inside of your refrigerator. While your oven is cleaning you can clean out your pantry.

4. Clean inside and out. Remember that appliance cleaning isn’t just about how it looks on the outside. Clean the inside, back, front and bottom too. Pull your oven out from the wall if you can and vacuum underneath. Spring cleaning means leaving no crack or crevice untouched.

5. Create a checklist. Before you begin to clean your appliances consider making a checklist. The checklist can help you maximize your time. It’ll also help you make sure you take care of everything. You can create your own checklist or you can download them online.

Cleaning your appliances can be a big job. However, with a little preparation and a good plan you can minimize the time and effort it takes. Properly maintained appliances last longer and work better. It’s well worth your time to clean them well.

More Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

Group like tasks. For example, when you have your bucket of mild detergent and damp cloth, wash walls, outside of all cabinets and shelves.

Gather all of your supplies before you begin cleaning. Make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to stop.

Get a label maker. It’s great for identifying areas in your cupboards or labelling jars of pantry items.

Make it fun. Listen to praise music. Open the windows and let in the fresh air. Use cleaners that you like and smell great.

Use natural cleaners. Eco friendly cleaners won’t irritate your head, lungs and sinus cavities. You’ll feel better during and after your cleaning adventure. Additionally, they smell great. Choose a scent that makes you feel good.

Reward yourself for a job well done. Go out to eat (so you don’t mess up your clean kitchen) or prepare your favorite meal.

Pay attention to the clock. Consider giving yourself a specific amount of time to get the job done. This will help you work efficiently.

Spring cleaning your kitchen may be hard work, however, it does not have to be overwhelming. Create a checklist, use this article to help you, and make sure you have everything you need before you start. Make it fun and spring cleaning can be something you look forward.

The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy man will be put to forced labor. – Proverbs 12:24 (NKJV)

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    This is great information. Thank you! I was just thinking the other day that with Spring right around the corner, some much needed Spring Cleaning is in order. Then I was thinking I’d need to make a list of everything needing to be done. But you’ve just done it for me! :)

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