Jesus Tempted by satan

Jesus Tempted by satan is our fourth FREE excerpt from the Read and Share Bible. I hope you all have been taking advantage of this GREAT opportunity to not only read the Bible to your children in a format that is exciting for them, but also, FREE samples to try before you consider the entire Bible!

If you missed the past three (Christmas Story, David and Adam and Eve) downloads, click here. Next time, we will share the Story of Easter! :D

I am so very happy to serve a God Who has walked more than a mile in my shoes. My beloved Savior, Jesus, lived a common life filled with the same hardships and temptations as we do. However, He overcame them all and paved a path for us to find victory as well! I think it is important that our children know this. It is VITAL that they know God’s Word. This is the perfect opportunity to instill God’s Truth into their little hearts through the Read and Share Bible. It really does bring Biblical stories to life in a way that our children can enjoy, retain and understand them!

Just what is the Read and Share Bible? It is a kids Bible designed specifically to keep a child’s attention. Each story is short and too the point. Just enough info to keep their interest and in a format that is fun for kids. They are well written and include not only what children should know, but also adorable illustrations to keep them engaged. There are also question that Mom and Dad can ask when they are reading the stories. Engaging our kids in conversation and getting them to comprehend what they are reading/hearing is vital to them retaining what they learn.

This is NO LONGER available for instant download. However, (for a LIMITED TIME) if you would like to have this, email us and we will send you a copy.

ONE MORE FREE download coming soon!

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Disclaimer: MOF received the same free downloads to give an honest review of the product. Read and Share also paid for advertising.

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