Time for You To Bloom

As I cheerfully bid adieu to old man winter and welcome spring with open arms I’m reminded of how we undergo different seasons in our own lives. Spring ushers in a time for renewal, possibilities, and optimism. The earth starts its work, the sun warms the ground, the flowers begin to bloom and signs of life surround us around every corner. This is a wonderful occasion to reflect upon our individual growth. This is the time to plant the internal seeds that lead to personal transformation. God’s desire is for us to mature spiritually and shed our fleshly skin to reflect His image. He wants us to obey his instruction and examine our spiritual life to gauge our Christian growth. He doesn’t want us to resume behaviors or thoughts that aren’t serving Him or are hindering His purpose for His children.

This spring don’t commit only to spring cleaning your home, commit to cleaning your spirit. Dust the cobwebs from your mind, throw bad habits in the trash, thoroughly clean your heart and discard any bitterness, anger, or negativity. Spring into a new season of your life with a sense of enthusiasm to do God’s will.

Start your journey by completing the 3 R’s exercise, Reflect, Renewal, and Rebirth.


I am a firm believer that pressing forward and leaving the past behind is vital to the life of a healthy Christian. If we spend too much energy dwelling in the past we become stuck and unproductive. However, our past is a useful tool if we apply it constructively to the present. Reflecting on the past can give us insight into our strengths and weaknesses as a maturing Christian. Acknowledging the toxic patterns in our lives can be the stepping stones to success if we’re honest about our shortcomings and mistakes. God doesn’t want you to beat yourself up over mistakes, instead he wants you to repent and implement real change that reflects obedience, faith, and submission to his will. Carefully examine issues or patterns that had a negative impact on your life and pray for God’s guidance on how to change patterns that no longer serve you or your purpose. Don’t allow your history to interfere with your present blessings! Mistakes are opportunities to learn valuable lessons.


One advantage of spring cleaning the spirit is how replenished you’ll feel when you shed your old skin. It is similar to getting a facial, all the dead skin is scrubbed away and you are left looking luminous. Entering into a state of renewal requires action. When you relinquish old habits and give negativity the boot you release darkness and allow the light of God to fill your spirit. A key factor in renewal is the willingness to change. Make a conscious effort to change every day. Be aware of your actions. Stop, think, and pray about your choices. Create new patterns and behaviors that are positive and not destructive to your spiritual life. When your choices reflect God you will acquire a sense of renewed energy and zeal for life and your God given purpose.


God gives us an amazing opportunity when he opens our eyes every day. He permits us to begin again, to start over fresh, and to become the person he created us to be. Just like springtime we have a chance to cultivate new growth. When you are rejuvenated and spiritually restored you’ll experience a rebirth. Your old self dies and a sense of urgency for a new and fruitful beginning occupies your thoughts and will manifest through your lifestyle. Your confidence and esteem level are heightened when you experience a rebirth, not in a prideful manner, but a godly manner because you are anchored in Him and his will for you. It is never too late to recharge your spiritual life. In fact it we will have many rebirths in our lifetime.

This year when you’re spring cleaning and planting in your garden don’t neglect cleaning your spirit and planting the seeds of spiritual growth in your internal garden. Nurture your seeds by watering them with the Scriptural truths, pull out any weeds that threaten their growth process, and give them unlimited light provided by God’s goodness and watch them flourish.

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