BIT Balance Bike Glodos (Toddler)

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The BIT Balance Bike Glodos is a fantastic toy for toddlers. It looks like a futuristic miniature bike, but instead of pedals, toddlers use their feet on the ground to walk or run. The bike frame is made from wood with blue, high density plastic, wheels and seat. The handlebars are integrated into the wooden body of the bike, which helps toddlers to assume a good riding position. They can also function as a carrying handle to take along to your next trip to the park.

The bike is designed for toddlers aged about 18 months to 3 years old. I love this bike as it looks cool but it also has many advantages: It helps your toddler to improve their motor skills, balance and coordination. The wide wheels of the bike keep them safe, while racing around the park. It will be the first step to riding a bike with pedals and will surely give them an advantage.

Overall, this is a great toy for any toddler. Not only does it encourage motor development, but it also gets them out of the house and exercising. This is a great way of keeping your little kids healthy and strong. I would certainly recommend the BIT Balance Bike.

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