Crayola Floating Art Desk

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Family life these days can be very stressful and rushed, which in turn makes it sometimes difficult for little guys to fall asleep at night. Structuring bath time into your evening routine can help your child (and yourself) to take a few moments to catch your breath and enjoy being together.

The Crayola Floating Art Desk makes bath time even more fun for the youngsters. It is a floating desk that comes with a set of 5 Crayola bathtub crayons. The kids love drawing, painting and scribbling the time away while sitting in a nice relaxing warm bath. You can watch them calming down whilst creating lovely drawings. Once they are finished, the art desk can be easily attached to the bathtub walls with the help of suction cups ready for the next bath time.

In my opinion, this toy has many benefits – it is fun, educational, makes bath time more enjoyable and soothing and hopefully helps to get your kids to bed more easily. It is certainly worth the money spent and would make a great gift for toddlers.

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