Faith and Business 101: How to get people to keep your business card

Gone are the days when people intentionally leave their business cards everywhere and anywhere. It is amateur marketing and your business card is much more valuable than leaving it behind with your bill at a restaurant. Did it work in previous years? Maybe. However, today, soliciting your business card unnecessarily may mean it winds up in the trash. We are in a social media world where paper business cards are not received quite the same. We are also in a different economy. Business cards are expensive to have made and leaving them just anywhere is not frugal or wise.

7 Tips to get people to KEEP your business card

First and foremost: do NOT leave them everywhere you go. Your target market isn’t anyone who may come in contact with your business card. Your target market is people you develop and build a relationship with first. A person you connected with, even if briefly, will more likely keep the card, then if you just left it on a counter somewhere.

Make sure you have an error free business card with your full name, contact information, company logo and name. Be sure the size of the font and font type is readable. The graphics should look professional and the card stock should not be flimsy. Proper spelling and wording is important as well. Keeping your business cards in a case so they will always be clean and crisp is another great idea.

Go for glossy and bold designs. If business cards are eye catching, attractive, and compelling, people will be more likely to keep them. If you’re creative and different that could be your advantage of having more people retaining your cards or passing them a long to someone else. They may remember you as well when they are in need of what you have to offer.

Think outside the box. Business cards don’t have to be one dimensional. They can be bi-fold or tri-fold. They don’t even have to be rectangular. Vertical business cards can work well too. Be creative and different than your competitors!

Professional is the ONLY way to go. An unprofessional looking business card can convey the wrong message about you. The same goes if you give out an outdated business card. Make sure to always keep the information on them, up to date and professional.

Blank backs are not always the best choice. It certainly is not the end of the world to leave back of the card blank  since many people like to use it to down reminder info. You can, however, also utilize it for extra information like special offers, coupon codes, coming events, webinars, or testimonials and such.

Follow through! When you give your business card to someone, be sure to ask for one back and do your follow up. How does this make someone want to keep YOURS? If you took the time to find out about them, and asked for their card, they may be compelled to keep your info as well! :)

These are just a few of the many ways to have people retain your business card and or pass them along to someone else. The point is to be wise in how you design your business cards and whom you decide to give them too.

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  1. Danielle Jackway on April 22, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Hello I am a stay at home mom and just started my at home business a few months ago Selling Avon, the mark line and now tiny tillia.. I am very excited..

  2. Shanise Burney-Farr on September 16, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    I just happened upon this site and I think it’s wonderful! I have my own business and am a fragrance consultant for Gold Canyon, a minister’s wife and the mother of 4. I definately will be adding it to my faves:-)

  3. Faith_Mom on September 16, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Yay! :) Welcome! :)

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