Maintain a Neat and Orderly Bathroom

What is one of the most used rooms in the house? The bathroom! Yes, everyone uses the bathroom on a daily and frequent basis. Keeping the bathroom clean is a feat in itself, but who doesn’t love a clean and organized bathroom? It’s easy for the bathroom to fall into disarray with the hustle and bustle of morning and bedtime routines. Your bathroom has the potential to be a relaxing place to unwind after a long day. But, that’s impossible if half filled tubes of toothpaste and wet towels are lying around.

Here are some simple tips to maintain order in your bathroom

Keep Toiletries Under Control

Toiletries can take on a life of their own. Clear off the shelves of your medicine cabinet and lay everything out in a basket or on the floor. First clean your shelves off with a damp cloth, it is amazing the amount of grime that accumulates. Get rid of any expired medications, old makeup, sample colognes you’ll never use, half filled shower products, worn down soaps, old toothbrushes, or any items you simply don’t use that are taking up space in your medicine cabinet. Next logically, logically arrange your medicine cabinet. If all of your products won’t fit in the medicine cabinet don’t overcrowd it, instead purchase inexpensive storage bins or baskets and place them in your linen closet.

I’ve acquired quite a collection of hotel samples over the years, too many to possibly use them, but hate to just discard them. If you face the same dilemma donate them to a woman’s shelter. Shelters are always in need of toiletries. If you decided to donate them ask your friends to get involved in the donation.

Organize Your Bath Linens

I love to wrap up in a big cozy towel after my shower and have a number of towels to prove it! If your bathroom is small don’t take up space by piling towels in an already cramped space. Roll your towels spa style and neatly stack them in a linen closet. If you don’t have a linen closet, be on the lookout for shelves to place over your toilet or a corner. Before you do this take inventory of your bath linens, do you have towels that have seen better days, then pitch them or use them for cleaning, or if your kids paint you can use them for cleanup. Hooks are another option for hanging towels, robes, etc. You can buy ones that hang over the door or pegs to hang under shelves.


Shelves are an inexpensive and simple way to add more storage to your bathroom. You can purchase shelves for about $5-$20 depending on the size. On your shelf fill apothecary jars with Q-tips, dental accessories, cotton balls, or bath salts.

Make it Pretty

Don’t be afraid to make your bathroom pretty! If you have a master bathroom that you don’t share with the kids make it your oasis! Even if you share a bathroom, hang up some pictures, place a few candles on your shelf or bring the outdoors in and add a couple small plants on the windowsill. Bring a little peace in your bathroom. I have small picture of my daughter as a baby in her tub on the wall, wind chimes hanging above the window and a small lamp with a soft light, it is small but cozy.

Keeping it Clean

Messy bathrooms are not fun for anyone! Make rules about putting towels in the hamper and not leaving them on the floor. It is better if everyone cleans up after themselves. How often you clean the bathroom, is probably dependent on how dirty it gets and how many people use it. It is only me and my daughter, so I do a thorough cleaning once a week, consisting of scrubbing the tub, toilet, sink and floors. Don’t forget to clean the liner when you’re scrubbing the tub and wash the shower curtain once a month. If there is tough grime buildup on mirrors or inside the medicine cabinet trying using a razor to remove it. Pay attention to odors in trash cans, spray them with disinfectant and rinse them out.

Now your bathroom is neat and orderly take some time to for a relaxing bubble bath, read a book, and enjoy your space.

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