Shake the Dust Off Your Feet and Keep Moving!

“And whoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when you depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.” – Matthew 10:14

I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyers and she said something that caught my attention. She said that most of our pain comes from rejection. Wow did that hit home for me! So much of our pain comes from being rejected by people. We internalize their rejection and carry it with us for far too long, sometimes our whole life. Rejection that cuts us to the core.

The word rejection is defined as:

1. to refuse to accept, acknowledge, use, believe, etc
2. to throw out as useless or worthless; discard
3. to rebuff (a person)
4. (of an organism) to fail to accept (a foreign tissue graft or organ transplant) because of immunological incompatibility

5. something rejected as imperfect, unsatisfactory, or useless

After reading these definitions, no wonder we take it so personally! When you read the definition it not only define the word, but how we feel. We all struggle with the pain of rejection in relationships, careers, and every other area of our life. I related to feelings of worthlessness, when my relationship with my daughter’s father ended. I carried that pain around for a long time, and if I’m not careful it can easily creep back into my thought process. Was I any of the emotions I was feeling? Absolutely not! But, the emotions derived from rejection are strictly from Satan. He receives pleasure when you view yourself as a failure, as worthless, and any other negative emotion he can squeeze out of rejection because it takes you further away from God and from seeing yourself as God sees you! The truth is; rejection hurts. It makes you want to curl up and cry your eyes out, it isn’t easy knowing someone doesn’t accept you. But, God does and he’ll never reject or forsake you.

When Jesus sent disciples out to preach the good word, He told them if a town or house doesn’t accept you then shake the dust off your feet and depart that city. Isn’t that great advice!! Don’t sit there pleading your case, trying to make them want you, or conforming to someone you’re not, shake the dust off your feet and keep moving! So much of our pain comes from trying to change the way a person feels about us. I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but if someone doesn’t want to be part of your life, nothing you do can change that. We waste precious energy when we hold onto someone that doesn’t serve us and nor can we serve them. Jesus knew not everyone would accept the disciples, and he tried to prepare them for the rejection they’d surely face. He said bring your peace if they won’t accept it take it back. I think he meant don’t let the rejection you experience steal your peace take it back with you. When we succumb to the pain of rejection we lose our internal peace and become wrought with feelings of self doubt, sadness, and an unquenchable desire to become accepted or wanted. We allow rejection to rob us from a peaceful mind.

If we’re going to move forward on the journey God has awaiting for us, we have to let go of rejection in all its forms, people, places and things. Rejection can be a door of opportunity, it is all in your perception. That fantastic job you didn’t get may be because God is preparing you for a better job. Instead of fighting it flow with it. We’re human so I’m not sure if we can help but to feel pain, but we can’t dwell or get stuck in it’s web. Pray for God to give you peace and take that peace with you when you make your departure. Shake the dust off your feet and keep moving forward. Remember this, you’ll be accepted and loved by many when you let go of those who’ve rejected you. You’re already accepted by God and there is no acceptance more worthy than His.

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  1. Kim Duane on November 18, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    WOW. I have been rejected by my Mother my entire life, that is, until she wants to talk to me or needs something from me. The Holy Spirit dropped this verse in my heart when I was thinking I needed to call her and beg her attention. The Holy Spirit also dropped in my Spirit, don’t cast your pearls before swine.

    However, my Mother claims to be a Christian. She even has her pastorial certification. This is what she throws up in my face, I have to put up with her insults (calling my daughter a S…T and a drunk) blaming me for molestation from my Step-Father. List goes on and on.

    Thank you for posting this about rejection. I confirmed in my Spirit that it was indeed the Holy Spirit speaking into my spirit.

    Looking for confirmation, because so often I “feel” guilty for not talking to her. Especially now, with the holidays coming up and stuff. Trying to find peace in my heart for not talking to her and listening to her tear me donw.

  2. Vicky on August 20, 2012 at 9:46 am

    God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect and His Word does not come back void! This was the perfect time for me to hear this message. Thank you!

  3. Marion on February 10, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Kim, thank you for your comments about real life issues. I can totally relate. I’m not a single mom, I’m an older grandma with grandchildren and a widow. I still have people I have to deal with and have had to turn to God to help me. Your situation was with an ex-husband who treated you poorly however my situation is with church and a few members that have literally rejected me. They’ve accused, lied, been very mean and hurtful in many different ways. After about three years dealing with it, praying earnestly about it, I felt God showing me it was time to leave and Let It Go. I had worked as a children’s minister and enjoyed that part of it but it was time to go. I went to the pastor and told him that I felt it was time for me to leave. Of course he was saddened, but it was time. A week went by and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said Shake the Dust off of your feet. That’s when I come to your blog and so appreciated your words of encouragement along with the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Thank you for sharing. I know it’s been a few years since you wrote this and don’t know if you’ll actually see it or not but maybe others might as well . God bless!

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