Faith and Business 101: Writing An Effective Resource Box

You probably already know that article marketing is a great form of FREE advertising. It can drive traffic to your business and help you get relevant back links. However, in order to attract people to your business, you will need to write a good resource box.

A resource box or author’s bio contains information or a call to action. This is the only place where you can sell or pitch your business. A resource box needs to be crafted carefully because whatever your article topic is about, your resource box should be relevant. You quickly lose credibility and expertise if your article is about dog beds and your resource box points to your site about scrapbooking.

A good resource box should have:

1. Your name and it should be written in third person. Tell the readers a bit about who you are. For example, “[your name here] is a Christian wife and home schooling Mother of two. She is a published writer, web designer…”

2. Include your website’s URL or use your keyword or key phrase anchor text. If you’re a web designer, you may want to use it as your key phrase. Let’s have a look…
“[your name here] is a Christian wife and home schooling Mother of two. She is a published writer, < a href=””>web designer< /a> …”

3. The resource box should be tailored to your article topic. If you have written an article about article marketing and you have a free ebook on article marketing you can give away, you can add it to your resource box. That is your call to action.

A resource box should NOT have:

1. Just a link to your website or websites.

2. Your resource box should NOT have more than two links. Each article directory is different, so refer to the rules first. When you add more than two links it starts to look spammy.

3. Affiliate links. In many article directories affiliate links are not allowed.

I suggest that you begin to practice writing a good resource box that is effective. Ask a colleague to critique it and give you honest feedback. Finally, remember to customize your resource box to your articles and test which ones work the best for you.

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