Faith and Business 101: 3 Quick Ways To Write More Articles In Less Time

If you ever wondered how some people can pop out multiple articles in an hour is not because they are super writers, but it’s because they know how to avoid the stumbling blocks.

Here are three quick ways you can write more articles in less time.

Idea List

Have a list of article ideas, titles, and categories ready to write when the mood strikes. Group the ideas together to come up with separate articles. Instead of having 12 tips, you can break it down into two articles or more. If you can elaborate on a tip, for instance, that can manifest into one informative article.

You can also do your research on article topics you are not familiar with. Find the supporting information now which will save you tons of time when you’re ready to write.


Choose a title from your idea list. You don’t have to stick with this title when your article is finished, but it’s there to be your guide so you don’t write beyond what your article title don’t promise. Lay out in point form what your article is going to be about. This is another way to keep on track and to ensure everything you want in the article won’t be forgotten.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a long article as long as it drives the point home and your articles are informative and helpful. However, you should aim for about 300-350 words. Less than that is not a good thing as far as SEO.

Just Write

Writing is not about proofreading and editing as you write. If the moment strikes you to write, then just do it. Let the words flow from your fingertips. There will be plenty of time to go back after your article is finished to edit. Do not break the flow while in creative mode though!  On the other hand, if you’re familiar with an article topic and you can write it without much editing, then what are you waiting for? ;)

Try these tips out for yourself and you may just find that you will be writing double the amount of articles than before.

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