7 Easy To Grow Vegetables For Beginners

The cost of food isn’t getting any cheaper in grocery stores these days and buying organic vegetables is still too costly for many families. You may not have a green thumb to produce a home grown, fresh garden salad to eat every day, but you can certainly try.

Growing your own vegetables is not only convenient and economical, but it’s fresh, healthy, and a money saver.

Here are seven easy to grow vegetables for beginners.

1. Tomatoes are by the far the most popular vegetable (and it’s a fruit too) to grow at home. It can be grown in the garden or in a container. Make sure they have plenty of sunlight and moisture.

2. Carrots thrive in full sun with moist soil. It’s best to sow carrots in early spring or when the ground is workable. It may take some weeks for the seeds to germinate and carrots reach maturity anywhere from 65 to 85 days.

3. Peas are grown in cool weather and can be planted in spring or planted in mid-August for a fall crop. Peas like moisture and sun although partial shade will also work especially during hot days.

4. Peppers like hot weather. They also take a long time to grow so you may want to grow them indoors and wait for the soil to warm up before planting them outside. Make sure they are watered frequently to keep the soil moist.

5. Radishes are fast growers and they should be harvested when they mature in about 4 to 5 weeks. They can be grown in spring and in fall. Plant them in a sunny spot.

6. Lettuce is best grown in cool temperatures with lots of water. The soil should be rich and it should be able to hold moisture.

7. Squash likes hot weather so plant them where they’ll get a lot of sun. Winter squash like butternut and acorn are harvested in the fall. Summer squash should be picked when they are small. Winter squash is ripe when the stem is dry and brown.

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