Assigning Our Children Responsibilities

It is imperative we teach our children to be responsible and accountable. It is tempting to do everything for them, when they give us that puppy dog face, but if we did that we’d do them a great disservice. Our children will always be our children, but God willing they’ll reach adulthood and lead their own lives. Before we send them out into the wide blue yonder we have an obligation to teach them how to cook, clean, work well with others and take care of themselves. The most basic way to prepare our children for the real world is to start at home by delegating chores. I’m a big advocate for children enjoying their childhood to the fullest. They should have plenty of time to explore their interests, participate in activities, and use their imaginations, but they also should learn how to work together in a family unit.

All moms should make a conscious effort to not spread themselves too thin. Master the art of delegation to create balance in your life. The care of your home is a team effort and not dependent upon one person. Kids develop a sense of pride and ownership when they contribute to upkeep of the family home.

Tips on assigning chores to your children

  • Make sure your children understand their responsibilities and what is expected of them, for their sake and yours. Clear communication is vital and minimizes misunderstandings.
  • Chores should be age appropriate and match your child’s skill level. Don’t expect a six year old to wash dishes and see no food sticking to the plate.
  • Utilize your chore chart! The chore chart should list everyone’s responsibilities for the week. You may want to print a schedule for each child to keep in their room.
  • If you have more than one child, rotate responsibilities. They won’t get as bored if chores are alternated plus it teaches them how to perform different tasks.
  • Younger children are eager to help! My five year old is my laundry assistant. She pours the detergent in the washer and separates the clothes in piles. She loves it! Don’t underestimate or overestimate what your little one is capable of doing.
  • If chores aren’t completed then implement consequences and stick to them! Children are notorious for testing your boundaries, be clear on what you won’t tolerate.
  • Offer a small reward or allowance for a job well done.

God wants us to raise productive children. If we teach them responsibility while they’re under our roof they’ll have a much easier transition when they’re in a dorm room or with their own family. They may complain now, but will thank you later.

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