Father’s Day Activities

Moms are not the only special ones…dads matter too! Let’s take the time to celebrate them and let them know how much we love and appreciate them!

Kids love to get involved in parties and other fun occasions. Father’s Day is no exception. Let the kids do something for Dad that will make them smile and give him a lot of laughs.

Here are some ideas for activities for the family to help Dad to have a great Father’s Day


What do they believe that Dad wants this year? Allow them to make their gifts. This may include birthday cards, party hats and even birthday flowers made of pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Remember making those in school? Kids like to be creative so expect them to ask for finger paints, glitter and markers.


Father’s Day can be the one day that the family doesn’t eat at the dinner table. Dad may want a change of venue. So, direct him to the backyard for a barbeque. Kids can help to make the food that the family will eat.

When it comes to dessert, come up with creative ideas for cupcakes. Kids can create barbeque design cupcakes that include candies on toothpicks for skewers and different colored candies to resemble hotdogs and hamburgers. Use dark icing to create the grill marks on the top of the cupcakes.

What about a night out? Take Dad to his favorite restaurant for dinner. Kids can still have their hand in the celebration by bringing their cards, gifts and also a dessert that they created.

Does Dad like the great outdoors? How about a Father’s Day celebration at the park? Sit by the lake and grill out on burgers and fish. If Dad loves to fish, then this will be appropriate for the meal. If the park allows fishing in the pond, visit at a time when Dad can enjoy himself as he catches and releases those fish.

A Special Day

What else can you do for Dad? Well, consider his other hobbies and what he wants to do. Take him to the ball park. If he wants to hit a few balls around, let him have his fun. You can suit up too and hit a few balls with Dad. Even better would be to join him at a ballgame. If there is a local game going on, grab the hotdogs and watch others play ball.

The idea of Father’s Day is to do what Dad likes to do. We all have ideas that we want to contribute to the fun and that’s alright. Just be sure that the main attraction of the day is an event where Dad can have fun, just like you do on your special day.

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