Frozen Mango Popsicles

A great tropical treat for cooling off in the heated days of summer!

Yields 8

2 cups low fat mango yogurt
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp light corn syrup
2 tbsp sugar
2 cups fresh mango, cut into small chunks
8 Popsicle molds

Combine the mango yogurt, lemon juice, corn syrup, sugar and 1 cup of mango chunks in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the remaining one cup of mango and pulse until the yogurt mixture is smooth, but still has some small mango chunks left.

Pour the mixture into the Popsicle molds, cover with the tops and plastic or wooden Popsicle sticks. Place into the freezer until thoroughly frozen.

These Popsicles make great treats for children.

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