Fun and Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Frugal gifts for Father’s Day are not too hard to come by, and often, such gifts end up meaning more. If you’re looking for a way to honor your dad without spending tons of money this Father’s Day, here are some ideas that might help.


Dads often do a lot to help out around the house. If your dad usually washes the car, give him a coupon that’s good for several car washes. You could do the same thing with yard chores, minor household repairs, taking out the garbage, and other dad jobs.

A Day Off

Sometimes, what Dad needs is a day off to do what he wants to. If your dad longs to spend more time with the family, organize a family day when everyone is home at the same time (this can be quite a gift, depending on your family’s schedule!). If your dad prefers some time alone, give him a day all by himself when no one bothers him. However your dad likes to spend his time, give him more of it!


Homemade treats go over really well with some dads. Cookies, fudge, breads, and other goodies can be packed into an inexpensive box or basket. If you’re not able to bake anything, you can turn inexpensive store-bought gifts into interesting treats. You can dress up a package of plain cookies by dipping them in chocolate or frosting them. A package of cream horns can be sliced into rounds and topped with cherry pie filling or sliced fresh fruit.

Your dad may also appreciate it if you cook his favorite meal or snack – he might appreciate some “naughty” food he is not allowed to have the rest of the year. Let it be a nag-free meal!


Does your dad like coffee? Plain mugs can be purchased at dollar stores and yard sales, and dressed up in all kinds of ways. A one-time purchase of ceramic paints can go a long, long way in making homemade gifts year after year. Look for enamel paint that can be baked in the oven at a low temperature so that the painted design becomes permanent and dishwasher-safe.

This is a great project for kids of all ages – paint dad a mug that he can actually use. You can paint drinking glasses, bowls, pitchers, and other items with these paints as well.


All kinds of gifts can be made using your digital photos. You can use regular photos, too, to create an album or framed print. But some online services allow you to do all kinds of interesting things with your photos, from creating calendars to albums.

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