Hanes Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikinis

I have always been a Fruit of the Loom girl…until I discovered Hanes Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikinis with ComfortSoft® Waistband.

I cannot express enough how AWESOME these panties are. Not only do they have many patterns to choose from, they are comfortable. They do not ride–ever. They fit my butt perfectly and feel awesome. They are also not easily detected through clothing–which is a plus. :)

I love the ComfortSoft® Waistband. It is smooth and does not dig in. They are also very well made. The problem I was encountering with other brands was the band would begin to wear after a few washings. It would get so bad, I would have strings hanging and frayed edges all the time.

So, I went on the hunt for new panties.

YEAH for me I found them!

I did try a few other Hanes panties and they we nice. However, once I discovered the cotton stretch, I was hooked.

Oh, and do not be put off by the “cotton stretch” term. They are by no means a panty hose type of feel. The “stretch” part is what I am assuming makes them fit so perfectly on your rear and more importantly STAY in place on this Mom who has birthed two children and her butt is not longer super model firm!

Let me know what you think!

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