Hott Mama in Hott Water!

OK.  This time, we are NOT in the hot tub!  Who has time for that?!

Just last week, I received another comment on a story I submitted to Moms of Faith way back on December 15, 2010.  The story was called “School Runs and Baby Jesus”.  One of my favorites,… by the way.  But, this story found this “Hott Mama” in some really “Hott Water”!

I was criticized last year for being “irreverent” and “presumptuous”.  And, really, that’s alright!  A reader felt that it was unlikely for God to speak to me in my car.  I am not offended, don’t get me wrong.  As a busy mom, maybe that’s the best place for Him to catch me.  LOL!  Out of nowhere,  the story was found to be “inappropriate” in a random email just last week.  I don’t even know why it was sent to me.  So, please allow me to publicly apologize both to this reader and anyone else that may feel this way.  I really feel terrible to upset anyone.  After rereading this story again, you know what?  I think it is interesting that it re-surfaces at this particular moment.

Some of you are more than likely experiencing the end of the school year “slowly” approaching.  (I can hear you cheering… and some are sobbing!)  For the Hott family, this school year signifies several momentous occasions; some of which may be similar in your households.  For one, we witnessed the graduation of our oldest daughter from college where she received both MBA and BS degrees simultaneously.  Plus, the calendar is exploding with end of the year field trips, gymnastic classes, state exams, piano recitals, to church picnics.  Finally, we just got home from our youngest, Levi’s, Kindergarten Program.  It was called “Old MacDonald’s Farm”.  Cute, right!

Don’t you just absolutely LOVE the end of the school year presentations?  And if I do say so myself, our shy little Levi delivered his lines with the utmost clarity and confidence.  Dan and I were so proud, we could have popped!  I guess that goes along with the 500 other parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles, and strangers wearing plaid in the cafeteria as well though, doesn’t it?

But as I remember the day we sent Levi to school on his first day when he was starting his new accelerated reading and math program with the first graders, once again, I found myself remembering how scared he was to embark on a new journey.  As I reflect on “School Runs and Baby Jesus”, the pain I felt as a mommy when I forced him out the door that day with tears in his eyes will always be fresh in my brain.  Compared to his confidence and composure tonight, I just want to praise God and thank Him for answering my prayer!   Wow!  God is so amazing, isn’t He?!

If you remember, I asked God to be with my “baby” Levi; to sit with him in both first grade and kindergarten; to shadow him in the halls and classroom; to hold his hand when he is scared; and to comfort Levi when he misses the comforts of home.  So, as I watched him on stage tonight, guess what?  There HE was.

Our Heavenly God.  Right there at Widmeyer Elementary.  God!  On stage with 75 kindergarten students, right next to Levi!

Thank you, God.  Thank you for answering my prayer.  This mommy is comforted to know that You are right there with Levi.  Always!   I am SO.PROUD.OF.MY.BABY!

And I heard God whisper,… “So am I.”

Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. – Philippians 4:6

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  1. Cindy on May 26, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    I am so glad God talks to me all the time–now, if I can just listen! I often find time to listen when I am in the car–even when I have just dropped the boys off at school–or commuting or in those first couple of moments in the morning when I have just woken but not yet put my feet on the floor! I truly think God speaks gently to us all the time. It is when we listen that we can acknowledge His greatness and thank him for His help.

  2. Angie Hott on May 26, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Anne: You are so right about God meeting us anywhere! I am glad that you read the story, including “School Runs and Baby Jesus”. As a mom, I find that I call on Him for a talk (or prayer) anywhere… even the grocery store!
    Cindy: You captured why I titled my blog “Excuse me, can I tell you something?” Cool! Although this is one of Isaac’s favorite phrases, it is those quiet times when I hear God whisper just this: “Excuse me, can I tell you something?” And sometimes, it’s a soft touch on the shoulder when I hear God say, “Excuse me,…” Or, even a kick in the head when God is really trying to get my attention. Do you know what I mean?
    love, a

  3. julia linawweaver on May 31, 2011 at 8:29 am

    I just finished reading your story and I reflected on my two sons—oh, what joy it was !!!!!!!!! Angie,you know we live in a society where people love to critize for evberything—do not let that bother you—forget it-do not apologize—that is not necessary— if someone would walk in my home unannounced they would wonder who i was tralking to–God or my cat—–when I was driving back from Shepherdstown the otrher day and I had to get off at Martinsbug–I was sandwiched in between two big trucks and I felt like an oreo cookie—-yopu think I was not praying to God to get me out of that jam!!!!!! Keep writing sweetie–you do a great job!!!!!!!!!

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