How to Find the Right Father’s Day Present

There’s something about a boy’s toys even if that boy is a dad. They know what they want and nothing else will do. Quite often their ‘toys’ are expensive, so knowing how to find the right Father’s Day present may be difficult. The following are ideas you may want to consider this year.

Fathers who are sports fans may be easier to buy for than others. You undoubtedly know which sport teams and athletes he follows, so that can be your starting place. It may take some research and time to find the right gift, but Dad is worth it, right?

Think about your budget. Season tickets for his favorite team would be awesome, but they can be expensive. If you can’t purchase Dad season tickets, maybe you’ll be able to buy tickets for one game, food and parking.

Buy him a team jersey or other memorabilia from his favorite team. Look for items which are autographed. Be sure the item is authenticated before you pay big bucks for it. Authentication is important not only to ensure it’s real but also for investment reasons. If you have an authentic ball with a signature, it could be worth a lot of money in the future.

Does Dad follow golf? Talk with other golfers to see what items they would like if they were given a gift. Chances are your dad would like something similar. Purchase a gift card to their favorite Pro Shop. This can be used to go toward the purchase of some new irons or woods.

Has Dad mentioned he’d love to learn to fly? Check around for airports or pilots who offer flying lessons and find out how much they cost. If money is an issue, perhaps you can purchase one or two lessons rather than the entire course.

Many dads enjoy fishing as a hobby. Consider buying them a new rod and reel. A gift certificate to pay for a lifetime fishing license would also be appreciated. Again, if money is an issue, you may want to find out how much it would cost for several years and purchase a gift certificate for that amount.

Personalized presents are always appreciated. If Dad wears business attire to work, consider engraved cufflinks or money clip. Does his job require him to travel? Noise canceling earphones would be a great choice.

How Dad spends his off time will give you more ideas about the right Father’s Day present. Sports items, woodworking tools, and music are obvious choices. He’ll also probably be grateful for a gift other than a tie. When you think about what Dad likes and try to purchase something associated with those interests, you can’t go wrong.


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