GrandLoving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren

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GrandLoving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren is a lovely resource for grandparents (but also uncles, aunts etc) on how to bond with your grandchildren. It covers over 200 activity ideas; from having fun with toddlers to staying in touch with your teen grandchild. This book is a great help to novice grandparents or experienced grandparents to successfully interact with your grandchildren.

Activities are plentiful and inexpensive. They include ideas for art projects, cooking together, games, music etc. Staying in touch with grandchildren who live long distance away or how to bond with your teenage grandchild is also included in this book: i.e. learn about Skype, Twitter, Facebook etc.

This book covers much more than just activities. There are tips and advice to help grandparents master many situations, i.e. how to baby proof your house, how to support the parents in case of a miscarriage, how to help your other grandchildren to adjust to a new arrival, how to avoid conflict with the parents but instead offer support and lots more.

I think that this book is a must-have for any grandparent who is looking to interact and be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Armed with this information, you will have plenty of fun times and will be able to share long-lasting memories with your grandchildren.

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