Faith and Business 101: Use Promotional Letters To Attract Clients

You found your niche, started your business and even set up your website. So, now what do you do? There are many ways to get the word out about your new home business. You can send out fliers and leave your business card everywhere, but really how effective is that? Fliers and business cards get tossed away regularly because you’re not targeting your market.

Tips to use promotional letters to attract new clients.

Once you’ve established your target market, send out promotional letters. These are much more effective than passing out fliers. While this technique require a bit of research on your part, it will be well worth the effort.

A promotional letter is a sales letter introducing your business to potential clients. For example if your new home business is medical transcription, you can find your clients from doctor’s offices, clinics or hospitals.

Each promotional letter should be tailored to your client’s needs so generic sounding letters are not recommended. It’s best to have the letter addressed to the person who is the decision maker. Highlight your benefits and services to meet the needs of your clients so it needs to immediately grab the person’s attention.

Professional, quality and error free letters are extremely important as the little things matter. Even though professionalism is a must, being personable is just as important. It shows you’re a genuine and friendly person.

Offer an incentive, trial offer or discount if they choose to use your services. Always include your business card because if they don’t need your services, chances are they may have a colleague who does.

Follow up is a very important step in sending promotional letters. Always do a follow up.

Instead of handing out or posting fliers to an untargeted market, and waiting for them to come to you, pray for wisdom, do your research, and use promotional letters to go and find clients for your home business.

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