Faith and Business 101: Work for Where You Live

When you decide to join the work from home world location and your lifestyle are extremely important things to consider. What will work, and what will not work, will be greatly influenced by the lifestyle that you live. Even if you have a talent in a certain field if you do not live somewhere that will benefit a company or job that goes along with it you will not succeed.

I am a military spouse. This means that I have moved 5 times in the first 5 years of my marriage and now in the 6th year of my marriage I’ve been temporarily relocated for 6 months (basically moving again–just with a lot less packing and unpacking). This means that working from home is great for me since my jobs can follow me around from place to place. My very mobile lifestyle has really limited my work from home options, however. I love photography and taking wedding and baby pictures would be a dream job for me. In order to succeed in photography, however, you need to build a client base that will then refer people to you-impossible to do if you move around every year! The same is true with trying to do direct sales. It just would work for me  because as soon as I’d get a feel for my clients and location, I’d move again and lose them. I’ve been able to make up for these things by working as a virtual administrative assistant–all I need is my laptop and an internet connection! I also do other things online, such as my blog and online study groups. These are the perfect jobs for me as they match my talents *and* my busy, crazy, mobile life.

If you have a hubby who is happily content to stay in one place for the next 30 years reaping the benefits of a job that does require a local clientele would be a great idea! Voice or art lessons, teaching a workout class, or being a photographer or wedding planner are all great ideas of work from home ideas that flourish when allowed to grow and allow referrals and word of mouth do the advertising for you!

Just one more thing to take into consideration as you decide which paths you will try going down as you begin your work from home career! As with everything else…make sure you prayerfully consider each option-only God can direct your paths to where they should be taking you!

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