Faith and Business 101: When You Don’t See A Paycheck

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the thing about working from home is….it’s work! Another thing about it is that there might be a time, or two, or three, where you’re pouring yourself, your time, and your energy into your job and you have no idea if it’s going to pay out or not.

This is one of the reasons that it’s so very vital that you are working a job, or running a company, that you are absolutely passionate about and love. There are actually many reasons that this is the case. Some of the other ones include that time working is time “away” from your family or other duties or hobbies. Even though you’re working from home you have to carve out and reserve time and that is a precious commodity as a mother! Many times this means that your work time will mesh with your “you” time-so it better be something you indeed enjoy most of the time!

Whether you’re in direct sales just starting out, making a go of your small business, or working for a start up company that is going through their growing pains, you might very well come to the point where you have to decide if you are willing to do the work “pro bono” for a little while so that you can see it through. In many cases if it is your own business you will have to go into debt and actually be paying to work for quite a while. I have heard of many start up companies in which the CEO was not able to cut themselves a check for the first couple of years. These are all very important things to consider anytime you decide to dive into something. Do you love your work enough that you’d be willing to do it even if you don’t get paid for it? If the answer is a resounding no then you will want to choose your work from home job with the utmost care.

One thing to take into consideration in a time like this is if you believe in the end results, if you can look forward to the “big picture”. If putting in hours of unpaid work now means a steady, reliable, and enjoyable income in the future then they would certainly be worth it, wouldn’t they? Sometimes faith and business 101 is just that–you must have faith. Faith that you’re doing what God has you to do, that His hand is in it, that even if you should fail–you will really succeed. Because, in the end, that is entirely what this column is really all about.

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