iMapMyRun App for Iphone

I am like many moms out there. I had kids and gained more weight than I had planned to. Add in metabolism changes, age and a busy life and I became fat. I remained fat for a few years. Finally, I got sick and tired of how I felt, looked and shopping plus sizes.

I made a decision to lose weight once and for all. I started changing the way I was eating and started speed walking.

I searched for apps that would help me with my new way of life and iMapMyRun was one of the apps that I chose.

iMapMyRun is an awesome app that I use with iphone 3GS. However, I believe it will work with any droid type phone.

It really is an awesome little tool. It shows me how many miles I walk, my pace as I am walking, how long I have been walking, the route I am taking, and how many calories I am burning! I love it!You can use it for running, bike riding, and other exercising techniques as well.

I use it to help me keep track of what I am burning. Seeing how many calories I burn really helps keep me motivated, and gives me results I can actually calculate. Before discovering iMapMyRun, I was just walking. NOW, I am walking with purpose and am able to see what the results are of my walking experience.

I am happy to say that iMapMyRun and a couple other apps I use have helped me remain motivated to lose 45 pounds–so far. I have only 20 to go and will keep using iMapMyRun to get there!

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