Lady Speed Stick – with stainguard

I don’t know about you, but smelling good is pretty important to me. I also find that keeping my shirts intact is also up there on the scale of importance.

Unfortunately, the very antiperspirant deodorants designed to help you remain stink free, also cause unsightly stains under the arms of your shirts and blouses. For years, I tried different options–from just deodorant with no antiperspirant to nothing at all.

Sadly, none of the options I tried worked for me.

Then I discovered Lady Speed Stick with Stainguard.

I thought I was finally going to find a 100% solution.


It IS a solution. However, not 100%.

Let me explain…

From my almost a year of using I have discovered two things.

1. It DOES limit staining. It does not prevent it, but it does limit it a great deal. Unless, you are wearing it during a vigorous work out, then you will find yourself with stained underarms within a couple weeks of daily use.

Now, if you are wearing your shirts for normal use (not exercise or heavy sweating situations), it has a far better result. I find my blouses and t-shirts have a longer life with Lady Speed Stick with Stainguard. Maybe not perfect, however, the best result I have found for preventing stains AND desiring to smell decent.

Quick Tip: After wearing your top, always spray the arm pits where the deodorant touched with a stain stick or spray. This also adds to the life and prevention of underarm stains of the shirt.

2. Smell factor. There is a very significant difference with the stain guard v/s normal antiperspirant/deodorants.

On the Lady Speed stick with Stainguard package it says it will last 24 hours. Not true. I need to reapply every 4-6 hours if I sweat to any degree. A bit of a pain–but as I said, a better fit for me than accelerated visible stains in the underarm areas of my shirts.

I DO like their “Daringly Fresh” scent. However, I am a little annoyed by the 24 hour claim and them being SO FAR OFF.

Overall, I like the product and use it. However, if something better and longer lasting comes along—well…

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