Summer Fun That’s Underrated

Slather on the sunblock, throw on a hat and get ready to enjoy the days of summer! The lazy days of summer are finally here and I for one look forward to enjoying the sunshine and creating some fun family memories! In the hustle and bustle of signing the kids up for summer camp don’t forget about all the fun activities you can do that don’t require registration fees.

Here are a few activities to enjoy cheaply or even FREE

Catch Lightning Bugs

I love how lightning bugs light up and they fascinate kids! On a summer evening have fun catching lightning bugs with your little ones. Now, don’t call PETA on me, the idea is to catch them and let them go (you don’t even have to put them in a jar), but you can make it into a contest and whoever catches the most gets a little prize, maybe they get to choose dessert for the next evening.

Dance in the Rain

I love summer rains. If there is a spontaneous rainstorm grab the kids throw on their rain boots and go dancing or jumping in puddles. Make sure you take pictures of all the fun they’re having and join in! There is something rejuvenating about feeling the rain fall down on you.

Movie Night on the Porch

In DC they have Screen on The Green in the summer. Basically, you bring a blanket, a picnic, and hang out on the green with hundreds of other folks to watch a movie, usually a classic. Adopt this screen on the green theme right on your porch. Set up a table on your porch and hook up an older television that’s easy to move and a DVD player with an extension cord and pop in your favorite summer movies. Make Smores, snuggle close and enjoy the night air.

Check Out Your Local Calendar

If you live in a city with free festivals or activities during the week, take advantage of them! Keep your eyes open for cultural festivals, food fests, block parties, or special events and attend them. Festivals are great for entertaining kids of all ages and they may learn something while having fun.

Berry Picking

Visiting a farm is fun regardless of the season. Summer is the perfect time to pick berries. You may spend a few bucks, but it is actually cheaper and fresher to pick your berries at a farm. Afterward, bring them home and make jam, pies, or just pop them in your mouth

Whatever your plans are this summer take a moment to appreciate the weather, your friends, and family. Take time to nap with your kids, have long conversations, read a book, study the Bible together, make a fresh pitcher of lemonade, squirt one another with the hose and make the moments of summer last.

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