dearfoams slippers

If you have been reading, then you know I love Kohls. Recently, I was knee deep in a sale there and found these delightful slippers by dearfoams (classic striped terry cloth). I fell in love with them and bought a pair for me and my girls.

After wearing them for a bit, I still love them. Not only are they comfortable and have form fitting cushioning, they are also pleasing to the eye. I really love the pattern. It works for me. :) I am also digging the hard bottoms. They are not so hard that they make you feel uncomfortable, yet, they are hard enough that you have support. They also have a good grip to prevent any slip and slides. I can wear them to check the mail, walk around on my hard on the feet tile floors and still look good for surprise visits from friends. ;)

From what I saw, they come in all different patterns and styles. They had open toed, flip flop style and of course, the kind you see in the picture.

I will be on the lookout for more dearfoams slippers in the future–you can be certain of that…especially if they are at Kohls! ;)

Note: as of today, these little puppies are still on sale at Kohls on and offline! ;)

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