New Balance 400 Running Shoe

If you read my reviews then you know I am trying to lose weight. I have been doing very well and only have about 20 pounds left. Unfortunately, I hit a glitch that sent me into slow down mode. :(

You see, for me, losing weight must involve me being able to EAT! I cannot starve myself. So, the only way I can eat and remain happy is cardio! Speed walking is what I like to do the most. It is easy and stress relieving for me.

Sadly, with all the wonderful pounds shedding, my feet were not happy–specifically one of them and I was unable to walk because of a pulled ligament. I over did it.

When I went to my wonderful podiatrist, he told me that my main problem was the shoe I was wearing. They were old and offered no real support. I was given a treatment plan and told to buy a new pair of shoes. One of the brands he mentioned was New Balance.

That is where the New Balance 400 Running Shoe comes in! :)

After I recuperated and did everything my doctor advised, I am now able to walk again–not at the rigorous pace and distance I was–yet. But, still, I can begin my cardio and get back on my weightloss quest again! :)

Er, sorry, LOL, the loss of butter on the thighs got me off track. Back to the shoes

I LOVE my New Balance 400 Running Shoes! They are AWESOME! Not only were they affordable at my favorite store, they were cute! I LOVE the way they look and feel! Not only do they look fabulous, they are ooooh so comfy on my speed walks. My feet are happy, the thighs are getting happy, it’s a win win for everyone involved! ;)

I totally recommend New Balance 400 Running Shoes.

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