Otterbox – iPhone 3GS Defender Series Case

When I decided to purchase an iphone last year, I knew I would need a very good case. you see, I am clumsy and drop my phone frequently. LOL! I needed something that was durable, affordable and pleasing to the eye. After a little research and shopping, I chose the Defender Series Case from Otter Box.

Mine is black just like the picture and after over a year, it is still in great condition. They only have black and white when I was shopping for them! Now, you can get it in pink, yellow and pink & black combo.

I have dropped it at least a half a dozen times and not even a nick in the case! It has even gotten wet from sweat during a hard workout. No affect. It is fabulous.

The iPhone Defender Series Case has two layers. The first is a very hard plastic and the second (top layer) is a rubbery material. It works for a dropper like me! LOL

My only complaints would be:

1. it is really bulky. I wish it was a little sleeker and less bulk. It makes it harder to fit in my pocket when I want to go purse-less.  The case more than doubles the thickness of the iphone. Pretty bulky.

2. It is hard to clean the plastic front cover.

Other than that, I am happy with my Otter Box case and will certainly be looking at what they have to offer when I upgrade my phone next summer. :)


  1. OtterBox on September 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    I agree. The OtterBox Defender cases are always great. Maybe a little bulky but get the job done.

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