Faith and Business 101: Sometimes it’s not about the dollars

When you think about working from home you would of course probably be thinking of working for a paycheck or some type of monetary compensation. One of the things I’ve discovered is that to successfully work from home it’s important to think outside the dollars and cents box.

As I mentioned in a previous article many times in my scrap-for-hire business I worked for goods. I’ve scrapped for tutus, perfume, earrings and more. It’s beneficial for me because I got “luxury” items I probably wouldn’t have gone out and bought for myself other wise, or was able to get presents at no cost to me. It was beneficial to the other work from home mom for the same reason.

The area where I have found that this mindset has benefited me the most, however, is in my personal blog Wyoming Girl *turned* Coastie Wife. I discovered that there are many programs that allow bloggers, even those who have very small blogs, to get free books in exchange for posting reviews. I’m an avid reader, and think you can definitely never have too many children’s books. I love being able to get books for my “me time” that also provide me with good review content for my blog. I’m a review & giveaway blogger and often get asked how much money I make from doing it. For the longest time I didn’t make anything dollars and cent wise, but to me the useful and fun products I received were more than enough compensation in my mind because in essence they were saving me money and so it was like making money.

Many online studies and other writing programs I’ve participated in pay in the form of gift certificates. Although this might seem more limiting than cash but you can use Amazon gift cards to get everything from Christmas gifts to diapers and baby wipes. When used wisely they are as good if not better than cash!

So next time you try to think about how you can help your family and bring in some money think outside of the paycheck box and you might be surprised what you’re able to come up with!

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