Sony Vaio Laptop

Recently, I needed to purchase a laptop for my business. I wanted something sleek, light-weight and easy on the eyes–as well as the wallet! I discovered the Sony Vaio laptop and I am thrilled that I did. This is only my second laptop, and I love it. It is way better than my last one–by far!

My Sony Vaio is silver just like the picture and it has a full key pad as well. That was a really important feature for me. :) I also like the key board buttons and how they feel when I am typing. Very smooth and do not require much effort. It has two usb ports, a battery and plug for charging and several other important ports for different uses. It came with Windows 7 and it’s own “self care” set up. The Sony Vaio that I purchased also came with a Blue Ray player in it–the coolest!

Another thing that I found to be a major plus for me was the fact that I cannot hear it! :D My last laptop was so noisy. It was really annoying to me. This one is very quiet and I would not even know it was on if I wasn’t the one who turned it on! LOL! I love the whole set up. Very cool.

It is a great product for business and pleasure!  No one else in my house is allowed to touch it! LOL! It is all mine! I really love my Sony Vaio and recommend it for anyone looking for a laptop.

This is not my first Sony product and I must say, I have yet to be UNhappy with Sony as a whole.

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