Pursue Your Life With Courage

Life is short even when it’s long. I’m thirty-nine years old and truthfully I feel younger than I did in my twenties. However, when I look in the mirror I’m reminded by a few gray strands of hair that I’m no spring chicken. I embrace my years and look forward to growing older, but, I can’t help to marvel at how quickly the years have flown by in a wink of an eye. It makes me think about the next thirty nine years and how I want to live them. Unfortunately, looking back I can admit that I haven’t always used my time, energy and gifts wisely. Maybe it was youth, fear of disappointment, procrastination, or just taking for granted there will always be more time to pursue my purpose. I realize time isn’t promised to anyone. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Beyond that life has a tendency of throwing us curve balls that can alter our entire reality. Too often we allow fear to discourage us from fulfilling our dreams. Risks are scary, failure is scary, but what’s scarier is when we don’t pursue life with courage and it passes us by.

Fear is a great distraction. It distracts you from everything God has in store for you. It is Satan’s way of preventing you from receiving your blessings and sharing your gifts. Fear takes away your attention on God and puts it on worldly matters. It forces you to live in the flesh instead of the spirit. When we reside in the spirit and our focus is on God fear can’t fit into our life. When we live in faith our courage comes naturally and humbly because it is rooted in the Lord. It’s when we take our eyes off of God and rely on ourselves that self doubt and fear of failure rear their ugly heads. If we trust in God and believe in his word we understand that within Christ nothing is impossible. So why aren’t we pursuing our life with the courage that comes through being children of Christ?

Ask yourself if you’re pursuing your life with courage or are you simply allowing opportunities and blessings to pass you by. Are you residing in the knowledge that God has a purpose for your life and he will finish his good work or are you permitting outside factors to hinder your progress? I once heard someone say the greatest books, music, and ideas are buried in cemeteries. Countless people leave this world without ever pursuing their life with courage. Great treasures are buried with those who never felt confident or courageous enough to share them with the world. What a great disservice this is to us when we’re are robbed from reading that one book that could’ve changed our life, or an idea that could’ve helped millions of people all because someone let fear ambush their plight.

Whatever your dream or calling is from God pursue it with passion, conviction and courage. Life is short and we aren’t here only to observe we’re put here to carry out God’s work. We are active participants in this thing called life not merely observers. In 2 Timothy 1:7 it is written, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power love, and self discipline.” Our Father has already given us a spirit of power not timidity. We come equipped with the courage required to pursue our purpose. If you’re at a loss as to where to begin, it’s simple turn to God. He is your light when the road ahead is dark. He’ll lift you up and breathe into you the courage you need to fulfill his work. Allow him to be your anchor. Stare fear in the face and take away its power. Don’t allow it to paralyze you instead allow God to mobilize you through his promise that every good work he started will be completed. Refuse to let another precious day go by without pursuing your life with courage.

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  1. Gwen on August 15, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Chere,
    This is a great encouragement and comfort to me. I feel that God had sent you totalk to me personally. May the Lord bless you more and your family.
    Thank you so much.

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