Faith and Business 101: 10 Places To Promote Your Business Online

As a Direct Sales consultant, blogger or small business owner, you will need to start promoting and growing your business. There are many ways you can promote a business both Online and off. I have complied 10 helpful things you can start doing now to promote your business Online. I encourage you to implement at least one (that you have not already) as soon as you finish reading this article!

10 Places To Promote Your Business Online

1. Facebook Fan (Like) Page

It’s against Facebook’s terms of service to use your personal Facebook page to advertise. You can create a Facebook Like page to announce your specials, engage in discussions and offer other pertinent information about your business. With so many users on and utilizing Facebook, this is an excellent way to build a community around your business.

2. Blog Commenting

If you are not a blogger, then you may find that starting a blog about your home business difficult. Consistently coming up with new blogging topics and blogging on a consistent basis is a tough one and can be extremely stressful. There’s an easier way if you don’t want to take on the ominous task of owning and maintaining a blog. Blog commenting will only be effective when you post comments of value and you post on blogs related to your industry. Never spam. DO not ever post comments with links promoting your business. That is a definite no-no.

3. Guest Blogging

Look for blogs that allow outside writers, and offer to guest blog or write a guest article for them. As long as your content has never been published before, most blog owners/webmasters will accept your submission. Be sure to write your best stuff and don’t forget to include your resource box with a workable link to your business or your contact info.

4. Article Marketing

Article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market your business Online. Like guest blogging, you’re writing content that provides information, solves a problem etc. Your resource box is a call to action so make sure your article matches your resource box. Submit to niche article directories, exchange articles with other webmasters, ezines, or newsletters.

5. Niche Forums

Joining niche forums (forums within your businesses topic range) is still effective when you put in the time. Look for forums that are active with a lot of members. Complete your profile and create a signature, make your introduction without sounding like a billboard and then take your time to familiarize yourself with the community. Be courteous and professional at all times because it’s so easy to build a bad reputation and no one will want to do business with you.

6. Online Business Directory

Look for online business directories or you can target a niche website and rent ad space. Be sure to ask for the website’s statistics before you pay for any advertising space. You can discuss with the webmaster which is the best advertising options that convert into sales on their site or you can do your own testing. Common advertising options are text ads, banners, newsletter or ezine ads and pay-per-click advertising.

Note: A little bit about pay-per-click advertising is you have to have some knowledge on how it works because you can easily get in over your head and come up empty. You only pay the amount you set when someone clicks on your ad. For example, if you set your keyword “Direct Sales” at $.40 and 20 people click on it, you pay $8.00. If you have a budget of only $200.00 a month that can go very quickly and if you make no sales that’s a lot of money wasted.

7. Online Party Chats

Like a home party, you can host a virtual party in a chat room, Facebook event–or via Twitter if you have enough followers. You can also hire someone to host the Twitter part.  It is a great way to talk about your business and answer questions; introduce new promos and anything else that is newsworthy. It is a good idea to have several prizes to give away during the party as well. And, never ever send unsolicited email without permission.

8. Press Release

A press release is another way to promote your business. It’s written in third person and the content should be newsworthy. For example, you can make announcements on a new product that helps boost your immune system or help in maintaining weight loss. A well-written press release is based on facts so avoid anything that sounds like a hard sell.

9. Sponsor a Giveaway or Contest

There are many bloggers {including Moms of Faith! :) } who will review and offer giveaways for products. You have the choice of just having someone review your product or also offer a giveaway. Most PR bloggers promote heavily in various social media sites. Bloggers and webmasters often have contests to build a community following and when you add prizes to the mix, it’s always successful.

10. Online Talk Radio Show

Participating or becoming a guest on an online talk radio show can boost your business. You can create your own radio show and offer tips about your business/product/service. Invite a peer and choose some topics to discuss.

There are so many benefits when you promote your business online. The important part of it is to keep networking and building relationships.

He becomes poor who works with a slack and idle hand, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. – Proverbs 10:4 (amplified)

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